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4 Reasons to Build A WordPress Small Business Website

Having a website for your small business is absolutely critical as a part of your initial growth phase. The website is like your brick and mortar store online, and is visible to everyone! Of course, there is simply so much choice when it comes to website design, and often so much of it is far too confusing. But one of the integral elements of a website is the content management system: the platform that holds all your information together. And one of the most popular platforms for this is WordPress....

September 25 / By Ben Crocker (Online Marketing Account Manager)

2 New Changes to the iPhone X That Change Everything!

New iPhone announcements are always exciting, but what really gets the team excited is the software implications. Every year, the iOS platform is constantly evolving, and our iPhone App developer team is across the latest updates....

September 15 / By Ben Crocker (Online Marketing Account Manager)

5 Reasons to Have a Business Website

I can’t believe I’m writing about this. In 2017. With a mobile computer literally the size of my hand in my pocket. And you’re still considering whether you need a website?! Sorry, I don’t mean to be demonstrative, but seriously…What do you have to lose? There are literally thousands of web design agencies in Australia, and you simply need to talk to anyone of them to find out how important it is to have a website for your business.But I guess you’ve chosen Newpath web to clarify the reasons why, so let’s begin....

September 8 / By Ben Crocker (Online Marketing Account Manager)