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Having a website for your small business is absolutely critical as a part of your initial growth phase. The website is like your brick and mortar store online, and is visible to everyone!

Of course, there is simply so much choice when it comes to website design, and often so much of it is far too confusing. But one of the integral elements of a website is the content management system: the platform that holds all your information together. And one of the most popular platforms for this is WordPress.

As a WordPress website builder, Newpath has the experience of working with this popular content management system and know how to get the most out of build, plugins and ongoing support. We’ve outlined a few key arguments as to why you should pick this wide-spread platform.

Install Your Own Theme

Website design is a challenge, and if you don’t want to go along with the additional costs, the range of themes offered for WordPress (both paid and free) is phenomenal. Thousands of themes and styles are available and remarkably easy to be installed on your new website.

This means that if your initial theme doesn’t work, you can quite simply remove and replace with an alternate theme. These stylistic guides cover everything from fonts, colours and layouts and apply them to every single page of your website.

With so much style variability, there’s no reason not to go with WordPress.

Plug in some Plugins

Much like plugins you might install in Word or Chrome, the plugins for WordPress they allow for additional functionality for much simpler usage. With over 10,000 different plugins ranging in a range of capabilities, you can more than adequately set up your website exactly as you like.

Plugins range from simple elements such as search engine optimisation assistance and writing guides through to sophisticated social media integration and photo sharing, even including technical aspects like increased security and contact form completions.

Removing the technical aspects of programming, leaving the underlying usability is a key benefit of WordPress.

Smooth Implementation

Unlike other content management systems, WordPress is remarkably easy to update and keep fresh. Recognising that recency of content (and sheer amount too) is a critical aspect of search engine optimisation, this is an essential benefit.

Of course, starting out with a new website, you’d hope to continue to flesh out and fill up the website to reflect your entire product offering. However, another longer-term element is a blog section as well, featuring news, articles, and other relevant content that can be shared.

WordPress, of course, started out as a blog and can make your writing and updating super easy.


For new businesses starting out, search engines are the primary source of any website visits. And with Google being the undisputed king of search, anything you can do to please it, the better.

Google is on the record as saying that they absolutely love WordPress, for all reasons above and many more. Of course, Google wants to see as much content on websites as possible. Of course, they want to see some keyword focuses; both of these lead to better search results.

With Google on board with WordPress, why wouldn’t you be?

Work With a Talented Developer

Of course, if you don’t want to (or can’t) do this by yourself, trust in someone with real experience. A WordPress website builder like Newpath can take into account all your needs and desires and deliver a truly magnificent website, for less than you might think.

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