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When looking to build a website, there is a range of choices when it comes to the website’s CMS (content management system). While some businesses have preferences, including WordPress or Drupal, we offer expert development on Kentico as well. Our Kentico developers are well-known in the industry as creative and highly-skilled individuals. Here are six reasons to choose Kentico as your new website’s CMS.

Ease of Use

Certainly, while Kentico is not as simplistic as WordPress, the balance of functionality versus ease of use makes it a simple choice. Kentico’s platform allows for fundamental website management, with numerous tips and user guides and tutorials in order to assist with any issues that might arise. The platform allows for quick and easy updates to individual pages, ensuring fast and effective turnarounds on content updates.

Secure Editing

Kentico is set up to take advantage of two distinct sites: CMS Site Manager and CMS Desk. Site manager allows for more fundamental site configuration and development work, allowing you to adjust site looks and architecture, while Desk is where all content and data is updated.

The CMS Desk is fully customisable to make sure every user is well-guided towards changes they can and can’t make. Editors can change select content while managers can find appropriate documents for approval. All in all, this minimises security issues and potential site-breaking adjustments, saving time and resources.

Content Staging

Kentico allows for a streamlined process of updating content across different platforms (say from QA staging to live production sites). Content migration is seamless and synchronised with their content staging functionality. Furthermore, this can even be implemented on a daily or hourly basis to ensure no work is lost and the website is updated as frequently as needed.

Smart Search

Taking advantage of auto-fill functionality, Kentico allows users to quickly and effectively find relevant content and applications through their search functions. Instead of scrolling through different categories, trying to find content or getting search results covering too many or incorrect articles, you get exactly what you want, straight to your fingertips.


With the main roles of websites changing, so have CMS functionalities. Kentico allows for unique eCommerce, blogging, messaging and other forms of uses, along with significant add-ons to deliver complete functionality for your business. This means you’re less likely to rely on different software for different functions and can instead have one platform for everything, easier for you and your users.

Updating and Evolving

Frequently rolling out new updates to their platform, Kentico is constantly evolving. With new and enhanced functionality, integrated third-party components and unique coding as well, Kentico can deliver exceptional web experiences for users in an easy-to-use CMS platform.

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