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Building and maintaining a website requires a mix of creativity and analytical skills. While you want your site to stand out from a design perspective through the innovative use of colour, graphs, and font, there are certain expectations that a visitor will have when visiting your business’ website. Failing to meet these expectations, which are usually derived around UX design, may lower consumer trust.

For that reason, paying attention to trending statistics that highlight reasons why people choose to shop with a certain eCommerce store or take their business elsewhere can be a valuable strategy. Continue reading to discover the top statistics Newpath Web takes into account as part of our comprehensive eCommerce development services.

It’s estimated 72.9 percent of all eCommerce sales came from mobile devices in 2021

If you need to be convinced of the importance of responsive web design, look no further than the fact that Statista estimates 72.9 percent of all eCommerce sales came from mobile devices in 2021. If your website isn’t optimised for mobile users, you’re missing out on a huge portion of your potential customers, who will simply take their business straight to your mobile-friendly competitor.

The average eCommerce conversion rate is approximately 2.68 percent

This exact number varies a little depending on who you’re speaking to, but most teams that provide eCommerce development services agree that the average eCommerce conversion rate is around the 3 percent mark.

This figure may shock you. After all, it is quite low. There are a range of reasons customers choose not to complete a purchase they have initiated. Some never had any intention of doing so — think of them as window browsers. Others get to the final stage of the checkout and realise that the total cost of their purchase is far more than they anticipated. Some struggle to justify shipping costs, while others run into technical difficulties when completing their purchase.

The last category is what you, as a website owner, need to be concerned about. If there are legitimate barriers preventing willing customers from making a purchase on your site, you must be aware of these and implement appropriate fixes as soon as possible.

24 percent of shoppers will abandon a cart because an account was required to complete the purchase

Requiring customers to sign up and create an account prior to making a purchase does come with its advantages — it’s an easy way of building your email marketing list and gathering increased user data. However, statistics show that from a customer perspective, it can be a significant turn-off. 24 percent of shoppers will abandon a cart because the website did not allow them to check-out as a guest.

Is losing a quarter of your potential customers worth a larger subscriber list? It’s up to you to decide!

The Covid-19 pandemic transformed the way we shop

It will come as no surprise but the Covid-19 pandemic completely transformed the way we shop. Australia Post reports that in 2020, Australians spent a collective $50.46 billion shopping online, a significant increase on the $32.1 billion spent in 2019.

Some of this can be put down to necessity — lockdowns and concerns about the transmission of coronavirus in public places meant that many of us had no choice but to switch to online shopping. However, the convenience of purchasing everything from groceries to books online means that many people are complete converts to eCommerce. In fact, in 2021, Australians bought $62 billion worth of goods online. It will be interesting to see how this trend continues to evolve in a post-Covid world.

What does this mean from a development perspective? Simply that there are far more people open to the idea of shopping online. Take advantage of that!

Online stores with a social media presence average 32 percent more sales than those that do not

Research shows that online stores with a social media presence average 32 percent more sales than those without an official Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or even TikTok account.

While this statistic doesn’t relate directly to the process of eCommerce web development, it does point to the fact that a brilliant website doesn’t guarantee eCommerce success. Social media accounts build consumer trust and create increased opportunities for engagement. If you’re in the process of building a new website, consider working with a team that provides both digital marketing and web development in Melbourne.

Interested in learning more about our statistic driven approach to eCommerce web development? Contact the experienced team at Newpath Web today to discuss how we can make your digital dreams a reality. From developers to digital marketing specialists, our team is jam-packed with experienced individuals who are passionate about delivering digital results. Contact us today to learn more.

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