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Initially released in 2003, WordPress has quickly become one of the most prevalent names on the internet. There are 75 million websites that use WordPress as their CMS. The platform is incredibly easy to use; however there are countless plugins to consider for your new page. Newpath WEB is a well-recognised WordPress developer in Melbourne, Australia and we’ve summarised a few plug-ins that you should consider.


No, Automattic isn’t a plug-in, they’re the developer of WordPress, and offer a large swath of different options for your website. WooCommerce is for online retail website, Akismet assists with spam comment control, but the most important plugin they provide is Jetpack, a must-have for any serious website. In addition to setting up serious security, it also assists in measuring website performance, traffic growth, and image optimisation. Very easy to install and get setup, Jetpack is free for use and highly recommended.

Yoast SEO

In addition to working with WordPress, Newpath WEB is also involved in SEO campaigns for a variety of different businesses, and even we use Yoast to assist in reporting performance. Yoast provides guidance around content to drive your website up Google search results. By asking you a few simple questions about what you are hoping to achieve from your website, Yoast is able to explain in thorough detail what else you can do to improve your SEO; it’s incredibly useful.

MailChimp for WordPress

Are you in regular contact with your clients? Why not consider using MailChimp for WordPress, a plug-in that combines two of the most popular internet services today. MailChimp optimises your webpage to register user email addresses and assists in building your EDM lists. It allows you to draft emails to customers in simple and effective formats, and continually drive your engagement with them.

WordPress Development is a Broad Topic

But don’t just stick to this list; explore what else is out there. WordPress offers a raft of different options to choose from and as an experienced WordPress developer in Melbourne, Australia, Newpath WEB has a wealth of knowledge about this widely-used and highly-effective platform. Find out how we can help your business with its WordPress pages here or contact us now.

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