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It’s hard to envision a world before the internet. No Netflix, no Spotify. No online banking or access to government services. The latter might not be the first thing that pops into your mind, but it’s arguably the loss that would have the most significant impact on how we live. Imagine navigating the Covid-19 pandemic without online access to the Department of Health and Human Services. Picture submitting your tax return without the digital assistance of the ATO.

Fortunately, the internet is here, and it’s here to stay. What’s more, the majority of current government websites run smoothly and efficiently, thanks to a program known as GovCMS. As leading Drupal developers in Melbourne, Newpath has designed and developed small and large websites for government organisations that meet all regulations, taking the burden off agencies and allowing them to concentrate on their critical work.

What is GovCMS?

The development of GovCMS was in response to a reasonably common problem that was having a significant impact on the work and accessibility of government organisations. Prior to the launch of GovCMS, there was no common set of tools or streamlined approach for developing government websites. Development agencies were struggling to meet regulatory requirements, and there was a lack of consistency across various departmental sites.

This all changed in 2015, following the decision by the Australian government to adopt Drupal as the Content Management System (CMS) for all government websites. From this point forward, an increasing number of government agencies — everyone from the Australian Taxation Office to the National Film and Sound Archive — joined the GovCMS platform, enabling developers to build robust websites that adhere to the Australian Government’s Digital Service Standard and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

In simple terms, GovCMS is a platform that allows developers and designers to quickly build streamlined government websites that meet regulations and provide a positive user experience.

Why should I use GovCMS?

Well to start with, you would be joining 339 organisations currently using the platform, with an additional 48 in development and 100 signed up to commence the process. So many agencies can’t be wrong!

GovCMS offers multiple services depending on your needs and level of technical skill. If your team are complete novices when it comes to building websites, you might choose to seek out the assistance of one of GovCMS’s approved suppliers, who provide technical skills across all aspects of website development. Alternatively, if you have some knowledge of web development, Software as a Service (SaaS) may be a better option, where GovCMS will take responsibility for security and platform management while it’s your job to build the website and create content. GovCMS even offers upskilling and online training opportunities to improve your skills.

Whatever your needs and level of technical experience, know that working with GovCMS will provide:

  • A secure online experience
  • A thriving, supportive community
  • Affordable and flexible web development
  • 24/7 support and critical assistance
  • Accessibility compliance.

The last point is perhaps the most important. All websites should be accessible to all people, regardless of any visual, auditory, or physical disability they might have. This is particularly true of government websites, which provide important information and services. If you are providing these services, your website absolutely must meet accessibility requirements as per the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. Building your website using GovCMS takes this concern out of your hands.

Newpath — leading Drupal developers in Melbourne

As an approved supplier on the Australian Government GovCMS Drupal Service Panel, Newpath understands what it takes to build a website that meets accessibility regulations and provides the user experience expected of a government site.

Our team of trained and experienced Drupal developers in Melbourne can provide assistance at every step of your web development journey, from initial brainstorming to ongoing maintenance. Drupal websites built by Newpath are secure, scalable, and custom-built. We work with our clients to discern exactly what’s required and what it will take to build the website of your dreams.

So, whether you’re a government agency or a private business, Newpath can help tailor a reliable, technically sound website that delivers on expectations. Contact our friendly team today to find out more about our web development services in Melbourne.

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