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Running a successful business online is perhaps even more difficult than doing so in the real world. When shopping online, customers are not limited by geography or store closing hours. They can purchase whatever they want, whenever they want, from wherever they want.

This makes converting potential leads to actual customers quite difficult. In 2020, a study revealed that the global e-commerce conversion rate is around 4.31 percent. If only four out of one hundred customers purchased something from your physical store, you would deem that a pretty poor sales day.

While the same can be said online, these types of statistics are clearly the norm for everyone, including your competitors. So, what strategies can you implement to buck the norm and increase conversion? Here at Newpath Web, our web development services and digital marketing teams work hand in hand to ensure your website is both functional and performs well from an SEO perspective. We understand what tools are out there and how to best use them to maximise engagement with your customers.

We’re proud of the e-commerce sites we’ve built and even prouder of the online success of our clients.

Persuasive (optimised) content

People browsing online are like any other shoppers in that they need to be persuaded into performing an action. You need to sell your products and services just like you would on a billboard, store banner, or radio ad.

Persuasive in this context can also mean setting a certain impression about your business. Perhaps you want to stand out as modern amongst your competitors. While the choice in graphics and colour scheme are both important, so too is the type of language you use to describe yourself and the consistent way it is applied.

Finally, make sure your content is also optimised from an SEO perspective. This means included targeted keywords that will help Google better understand your website and point relevant users your way.

Be smart about navigation

Oftentimes, shoppers will abandon a site because they simply can’t find what they’re looking for. Maybe a friend has recommended a particular product from your store, but there’s no obvious search bar to use. Perhaps they expect an item to be under a certain category only to find it’s sitting under a completely different one.

Your visitors need to be able to find what they’re looking for within a few clicks. Include a prominent search bar, make smart use of parent categories and sub-categories, and don’t try to subvert traditional website design.

Personalise the user experience

One of the main advantages running an e-commerce store has over a traditional bricks and mortar shop is that you are given the opportunity to personalise the user experience. What does that mean? Well, by using customer data, including demographics and geography, alongside their previous search and purchase history, you can create a home-page filled with products you think a particular customer will love.

Think of it as being similar to having a customer service representative suggest products you might like in a real store, only this strategy tends to be far more effective (and less annoying!)

Extend your store to other platforms

With more and more of us shopping online, it’s no surprise that users have begun to explore other, more convenient digital avenues to get what they need. You might think that an online store takes the cake when it comes to convenience, but you perhaps haven’t considered the power of social media.

Instagram shopping, for example, is becoming more and more popular. Setting up your own storefront on Instagram is a great way of attracting new customers and building your digital brand. After all, the easier you make it for people to discover you, the more likely you are to make a sale.

Use the right CMS

This strategy is slightly bigger-picture than some of the others but equally as important. While there are many powerful CMS platforms out there, not all are equipped to build e-commerce stores. Online stores tend to require very specific functionality and marketing tools. Trying to use a general purpose CMS won’t always pan out.

Our experience has taught us that Kentico CMS is one of the best options when it comes to building e-commerce sites. Fortunately for you, Newpath Web is a Kentico Gold partner, meaning we offer industry leading expertise and experience. We understand the capabilities of Kentico CMS and how to build world-class websites using this platform.

Contact the friendly team at Newpath Web today to learn more about our web development services and recommended strategies for turning your e-commerce store into a thriving online enterprise.

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