Content marketing has been an influential and versatile marketing tool for many years and has shaken up the marketing and advertising landscape since the first introduction of the internet. Due to many content marketers now having the ability to communicate their brand and products directly to consumers, many marketing departments fear that content marketing will cut out the middle man.

As the relationship between consumers and brands has become much more intimate, this can leave marketing departments having to quickly adapt to the changing landscape or run the risk being left behind.

With social media and content marketing continuing to play an important role in advertising, many brands and businesses are learning how they can potentially become independent and communicate directly to their customers and target audience.

Reaching a target audience has never been easier

In 2020,it has never been easier to reach out and connect with customers. All it takes is access to a tablet, smartphone or laptop and anyone can create and instantly publish multimedia content to the entire world. Whether it is in the form of a blog, podcast, pictures posted on Instagram or videos via online platforms like YouTube, content creators can express their opinions and thoughts to all their followers.

This also means that businesses no longer require the need to stage physical events just to market to their customer base. Instead, they can simply host an online event such as a webinar where customers can attend virtually. Many businesses also host live debates with industry professionals through online platforms such as Google Hangouts On Air, which also records to YouTube and can be uploaded on to a business’s website once the event has finished for guests that weren’t able to attend.

Content creators are now the best source for information

Most people receive their entertainment, information and news via many different online content sources, rather than traditional marketing mediums such as newspapers and public radio and television. These online content sources take the form of podcasters, bloggers and online influencers on social networks, even if they are organisations or companies themselves.

However, constantly interrupting your target customers and consumers with marketing propaganda which is solely about your brand, your company or your products is not the best content marketing tactic in the long run.

This is why at Newpath Web, we work closely with all of our clients to first fully understand the industry they operate within, their brand and message, their goals and their target audience. We then create a tailored marketing strategy with our qualified and experienced team of marketing professionals who are up to date with the latest news and relevant online marketing tactics that bring in results.

Are you curious in finding out how exactly you can incorporate a content marketing strategy to generate higher organic inbound leads? If so, then call us on 1300 761 806 and discover how we can assist your business today. Alternatively, browse through our website to learn more about our full range of digital marketing services.

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