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If you’re the creative type, let’s not mince words — your productivity comes in bursts. It can make for an inconsistent progress report, especially if left with no framework in place. With most blog content writing, the same applies. A lack of planning can drastically drop the quality and quantity of content, as well as the general uniformity.

Here at Newpath, developing a framework, encouraging communication and putting in appropriate reporting measures helped us scale up content creation for our clients. To help our clients as well as ourselves improve, we developed a structure that we could refer to constantly to help keep us accountable — and we want to share these steps with you.

Put a structure in place

Having your own flowchart or an understanding of what the ideal process should look like for your company or your job, is essential. Know where the process starts and ends, who the person is behind each touchpoint and what they’re responsible for, and map it all out. This way, preparing for the next step or preparing a timeline becomes an easier process when you know exactly how it is meant to play out and how much time each bit will take.

Get a content calendar going

The internet is very giving — there’s a large amount of free applications available, ready to be customised to your every need. If content creation is a major part of your business structure, investing in a paid platform to aid your project management and content creation system is well worth it. Currently, applications like Trello and Airtable are free to use and are great visual systems to get a content calendar up and running. Both offer free templates directed at content planners, which are detailed and allow you to customise them as needed.

Plan for a minimum of 3 months ahead and make this a priority task. Keep the content calendar tight and ensure that everyone associated with the tasks built into the calendar knows how to use it and are frequently updating it. Keep a checklist attached to each task, follow up to ensure the timeline is on track and then maintain that consistency.

Do your research

Planning a content calendar is easier said than done. Content planning depends on what your client is looking for specifically, optimised keywords and creative ideas that your target audience would be interested in reading. Doing your research on keywords is essential if you want your consumers to find your content — you need to know what they’re looking for to target their searches. Put in time and effort into this step as it’s the biggest investment you’ll make.

Build headlines

Each content idea needs to be fleshed out — do this either with headers or a brief content summary guide. Encourage all contributors to help out with this stage as it’ll massively speed up your content writing in the end. Use your keyword research, trending data, research on your user’s interests and smash a quick framework out for each content piece.

Don’t be afraid to outsource

Sometimes, you need someone with actual expertise in a field to weigh in or contribute towards a piece. Honestly, it only goes up from there, for it not only gives your content more credentials, but it also gives your target audience more quality and therefore, more reasons to engage with your content. Build relationships with writers across multiple fields of interest, and keep a database ready for when you need to reach out.

Track results

If you want to continuously improve, you need to hold yourself accountable. If you’re pumping out content that no one is clicking on — you’re going to need to find a way to fix that. Tracking results is a great way to keep an account of what works and what doesn’t, and how to capitalise on the same. It also gives you actual numbers and statistics to fall back on to show new clients.

Ultimately, each process needs to be tailored to your company’s needs. We played around with quite a few tailored plans until we found our perfect fit! If you’re not confident that you’re on the right track, reach out to us at [email protected] to learn more about building a tailored content strategy for your audience.


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