Running an association, union, non-profit, or any other membership organisation can be fulfilling, especially when all members work towards a common goal. However, managing operations behind the scenes is not always the easiest. As you grow your member base, staying on top of your fundraisers, member events, and other engagement efforts becomes more challenging.

Given this common dilemma, iMIS is designed to help membership organisations with their unique management needs. This software provides an all-in-one system with a suite of tools to handle all aspects of your organisation efficiently. Get to know more about iMIS below to see how it will be a valuable addition to your operations.

What is iMIS?

As the sole Engagement Management System (EMS) in the World, iMIS is a cloud-based software that enables organisations to manage and engage with their members in a unified platform. It goes beyond the capabilities of traditional association management software with intelligent, flexible, and secure solutions to maximise efficiency and performance.

For more information on how iMIS works, here are its key features:

Core Platform

The core platform allows you to clean and manage contact data, track members and membership information, and create websites or microsites for your online presence. iMIS can also be integrated into hundreds of popular membership organisation apps, allowing you to configure the software most suitably.

Events + Learning

iMIS’s event management features help you create online event pages or microsites and manage planning and registration seamlessly. You can also build an engaging learning portal to provide easy access to your educational content and certification programs.

Commerce + Accounting

To streamline your fundraising efforts, set up an online store so members and donors can buy your products through their mobile devices. The iMIS platform also enables you to offer promotional discounts, manage inventory levels, and automatically calculate freight charges and sales taxes.

Communication + Engagement

Keep your members and donors engaged by staying in constant communication with them. Whether through email marketing, text messaging, online communities, or mobile apps, iMIS enables you to interact with your constituents through any channel.

Tools + Analytics

iMIS stores all your constituent data in a centralised database, allowing you to measure and track key metrics. The software also comes with a Report Writer to help you build reports, dashboards, and visualisations with an easy drag-and-drop interface.

Benefits of Using iMIS for Membership Organisations

With many features to use and explore, iMIS is purpose-built to grow your membership organisations and address your complex needs. Specifically, here are some key benefits of using the software:

All-in-One Platform

One of the main advantages of iMIS is that it serves as an all-in-one platform. Whether you need help with membership management, product sales, events, financials, or websites, you can access all these functionalities through a single software. As a bonus, iMIS has the essential features in its native form, so you no longer have to spend on customisations.

Boost Member Engagement

iMIS allows you to engage with your members by staying on top of their contact information, organising events, and communicating with them. It gets overwhelming to do all these as you grow your member base, so automating them allows you to scale without compromising engagement quality.

Build Lasting Relationships

Using iMIS’s communication features, you can stay in touch with your constituents and build lasting relationships with them. This way, you increase member retention and continue receiving donor support.

Maximise Returns on Investment

iMIS enables you to streamline all your manual and routine tasks in the organisation, effectively reducing time and money wasted. With this, you can maximise your return on investment (ROI) and deliver the most value to your members.

Scale Easily and Flexibly

Scaling is a crucial challenge in any organisation, especially when managing a growing member database. iMIS addresses this pain point by providing a centralised platform with automatic upgrades to ensure you can scale your efforts and resources efficiently. Thus, you can focus on working towards your larger goal instead of worrying about how to utilise your resources.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

iMIS takes the guesswork out of the decision-making process. It gives you easy access to constituent data and other key metrics to help you monitor your performance and uncover new insights from your reports. This way, you can make intelligent decisions to drive your organisation forward.

Managing a membership organisation comes with its fair share of challenges, especially since you have many stakeholders to consider. However, iMIS takes the stress and manual effort out of the process by giving you an all-in-one solution designed specifically for the needs of associations, unions, and non-profits.

No need to use different systems for each activity—iMIS allows you to do everything from the convenience of a single platform.

If you are wondering whether iMIS is right for your organisation, Newpath is a certified iMIS partner and able to help you get a better understanding of its fit within your organisation.


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