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All you need is an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) campaign in order to reach the top of a SERP (Search Engine Results Page), right? Unfortunately, this is incorrect. SEO is definitely going to get you there, but without a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign it will be a much slower journey. This is because SEO and PPC achieve maximum results when combined together. This is why when businesses require a certified AdWords consultant in Melbourne, they turn to us at Newpath Web.

Having an SEO campaign is perfect for higher rankings as Google’s search bots crawl and index your website for the keywords you are targeting. But without having a PPC campaign running alongside it, you aren’t increasing your audience reach. Put simply: SEO is more of a constant long-term strategy whereas PPC can speed up the results by widening your SEO’s reach and opening more doors in a quicker amount of time. But why is this?

This is due to PPC allowing you to advertise directly to your target audience. This is much more effective than traditional types of marketing such as ATL (Above The Line) marketing which involves advertising on billboards, TV, radio, magazines and newspaper. These types of marketing employ a blanket approach which is more of a ‘cast a net and see what has been caught’ type of approach. This tactic has become outdated with the revolution of digital marketing and the internet. PPC marketing means that your ads appear in front of the consumer at calculated times for maximum impact.

At Newpath Web, our marketing specialists will first work closely with your business to gain an insight into areas such as how your business runs, what your goals and needs are and who your target audience is. Once armed with this knowledge, our team of PPC experts will begin working with you to create a tailored AdWords campaign. You will be kept updated with regular contact from your own account manager who will provide you with progress reports so you can have real-time tracking and understanding of how your campaign is performing.

Unlike traditional forms of marketing, you are always in control. As PPC features an adjustable budget, you no longer have to spend your entire marketing budget before seeing any results. By being able to adjust your marketing budget as you see fit, you can change or adjust certain areas as you see fit without having to wait for the campaign to finish. If a certain ad is not returning the results you wanted, you can tweak it to display at different times, different locations, decrease the allocated spending or even change the content in the ad.

Having an SEO or a PPC campaign is great, but combining them both is even better. Have a chat to Newpath Web about how they can provide you with a certified AdWords consultant in Melbourne that can deliver you the results that you are searching for. For more information about our entire range of services we provide, browse our website today.

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