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Just a little more than 2 years ago, in early 2020 revenue generated from paid mobile app downloads and in-app ads were predicted to hit a whopping $65 billion for the year. Huge profits have been generated from mobiles across a range of industries and business for years now.

As a web development company in Melbourne, we can assist you with app development in Melbourne. Newpath Web are part of a lot of technical conversations, discussing the industry, technical ideas and trend, and we are seeing some say that the future of business will have mobile apps as a key feature. The thinking behind this is that mobile apps are no longer simply an extension of the common primary source of engagement, being a corporate website. Apps are now starting to stand on their own, offering new and meaningful ways of engagement for existing and new customers. Well designed and developed apps that have been thought out and deeply considered can be a huge game changer for businesses.

Getting ready for change

How is your organisation placed to take advantage of this next trend? The digital landscape moves fast and having one eye on where things are headed can pay great dividends. The saying that the early bird catches the worm certainly holds true here. If you fail to capitalise on how technology can help you engage with your customers in new ways, your competitors may steal away some of your customer base, leaving you wondering what happened. Engaging with us for your app development in Melbourne, or anywhere across Australia, helps keep your business one step ahead.

So, how do businesses look at mobile apps and how might they be able to help them drive greater engagement, revenue and profit? Here’s 4 ideas for the way mobile apps could help boost customer engagement:

1, Screen Time, Screen Time, Screen Time

Yes, screen time. It’s a factor for business growth. It’s widely accepted that people spend more than 3 hours daily looking at their mobile devices. This number rises to as high as 8 hours for more serious device owners! Much of this time is spent on/in mobile apps. There’s opportunity here for businesses.

If your business has a mobile app, you are placing yourself right in the hands of your existing and new customers, and hence seriously enhance your chances of product and service browsing, engagement, questions, and eventually purchases.

2, Multiple Tabs vs Multiple Apps

Traditional consumer behaviour of having multiple internet browser tabs open and comparing offers reduces the chances of a sale online, simply due to the options at the users’ fingertips in their moment of purchasing. This reduces with mobile apps. Users don’t have multiple apps open at one time flicking between each, comparing and selecting between different options. If you have made it onto a user’s phone, you are trusted and likely to garner more sales as a result.

3, Actionable Data

Marketers always discuss the importance of actionable data. A mobile app is superior in many cases to a website in terms of its ability to gather rich data and insights on those using apps. You can easily personalise the experience for your mobile app users, offering them products and services that are specific to their needs such as gender, location, hobbies etc.

4, Reminders, Prompts and Gestures

Being in the hand, pocket and handbag or simply nearby, your app gives you a proximity advantage. You can deploy automated push notifications to stay top of mind with your users. It is however very important that you do not overstep the mark and become annoying to your users on this front. Too many notifications become annoying, and will see you deleted from their device. Push notifications should be on message, short and to the point, meaningful and have a valuable hook that entices your users to engage.

Push notifications can be personalised to your users. You can glean data and send relevant notifications based on activity the user has been doing in the app. You can also make sure you send relevant notifications based on preferences, making them even more suitable and enticing.

Wrapping up

We are seeing many companies across Australia and indeed the globe adopting mobile apps as part of their customer acquisition and customer service strategies. These businesses have seen the opportunity mobile apps offer in terms of delivering products and services in a more accessible manner, helping drive customer satisfaction along with brand awareness and revenue growth. When designed and built well, mobile apps are an excellent addition to many businesses.

If you are considering enhancing an existing mobile strategy or looking for options to develop one that works for your business, Newpath Web’s mobile application development team can help guide you through this process, work through the options, and make your project a success. As a web development company in Melbourne contact us today for app development in Melbourne, or anywhere in the country.

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