Low-Code Solutions

When it comes to low-code technology, it can provide a range of benefits for building applications. However, to be truly valuable and offer the most effectiveness, low-code solutions should also digitise and streamline processes to provide a frictionless user experience. 

As a leading app design and digital marketing agency in Australia, we at Newpath Web understand just how complicated coding can be. Due to the microcomputer revolution, there has been a high demand for new applications and software automation to improve business processes. This puts a large amount of pressure on software developers to design and create a large volume of applications that are tailored to a business’s specific goals and needs.

This demand led to the creation of low-code technology, which has little to no need for any coding when creating processes and applications. Using simple drag and drop features combined with simple logic instead of extensive and complex coding, professional and non-professional developers can easily utilise a low-code platform.

An easy way to create a multiexperience

A ‘multiexperience’, a term first coined by Gartner in 2019, basically refers to adapting and integrating with the increasing market of various devices and their features to provide a much better user experience. It is about the delivery of a seamless user experience through multiple touchpoints.

Banks are a great example of this. Starting out as a traditional brick-and-mortar business, the banking industry has adapted. Beginning with the transition to online account management and banking services, banks now feature their own mobile applications to have all their services accessible from one platform.

Low-code makes it easy to implement features such as chatbots, automated refactoring, AI integration and more. Not only does this ensure that your customers are always able to connect with your business, but it also ensures they can seamlessly use different forms of interaction and engagement without having to duplicate steps.

Much faster software development

When it comes to the biggest benefits of low-coding, speedy delivery of new applications and software is at the top. Some of the main reasons to why low-code technology makes developing apps much faster are because:

  • It can automatically track any changes and manage database scripts through one-click application delivery. This eliminates a lot of time-consuming operations and deployment processes.
  • It enables rapid development of full-stack and cross-platform apps by utilising capabilities such as pre-built interfaces, drag and drop functionality, and data models.
  • It utilises connectors and APIs (Application Programming Interface) which integrate with third-party tools that most developers are already using. This reduces a lot of time that would be spent learning new tools.

Built-in automated governance

Low-code solutions have built-in automated governance. This allows IT teams to control and monitor each project from a central console. This console provides complete visibility of all applications, users, infrastructure, security and environments.

In addition to this, app developers are able to securely design and build their applications without the threat of someone breaking the app. It is also possible for more than one team or app developer to work on the same module at once.

Enabling your business to become more agile

It is crucial for businesses to be able to respond and adapt to emerging opportunities by utilising innovative and effective digital solutions. Low-code can help businesses to become much more agile and adapt to new digital initiatives from emerging market changes and customer needs.

It enables businesses to deliver a full-stack application in only a few weeks which can be changed in only a few minutes. This is why low-code allows businesses to quickly adjust to dynamic business conditions using innovative software.

To discover how low-code solutions can directly improve your business, contact Newpath Web, a leading app design and digital marketing agency in Australia on 1300 761 806. To find out more information regarding our full range of digital services, explore through our website today.

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