The Role of User Experience in the Design Process

If we had to define the four essential aspects of website design, well, we’d look at CONTENT, USABILITY, APPEARANCE AND VISIBILITY.

A web designer in Melbourne needs to consider all four of these options in the context of their overarching design so they can create a useful website. If a designer fails to address each element, their design may not stack up.


While web designers might not necessarily be in control of delivering content (check your planning notes and deliverables), their role in ensuring the successful implementation of on-page content is significant. The content (words and imagery) is the substance that users engage with to find out more about the business’ various products and services.

One way or another, designers must ensure that they map the right content to the right pages. If users head to pages with incorrect content, they are less likely to engage with the website.


Great web design relies upon a navigatable and user-friendly website. What’s the point of a beautiful website if no one can make it work?! Especially if your customers are likely to view a number of pages throughout the site, guaranteeing a smooth transition from one page to the next with minimal frustration is very important.

Not just from a navigational perspective, but also simply understanding the way users interact with particular design elements can be a huge influence on the overall design of a website.


A web designer’s greatest strength should be their ability to deliver a web site that is visually appealing and consistent not just across all pages but in line with the brand’s identity as well. Each business has their own internal style, so by matching the style of the web site design to the overarching identity of the organisation ensures consistency across all levels of the business.

What’s more, a web designer might indeed have his or her own personal style preference, but by tempering this and being able to match their design to the client’s style, they can deliver a perfectly designed web site.


Not related to appearance, rather looking at the visibility of the web site to search engines and other critical services, a web designer must make sure that the way the site is set up is compatible with best search engine optimisation tactics. Separate from development practices as well, a designer is responsible for providing links to all relevant pages in header and footer bars, as well as delivering alt-tags, title tags and H1 tags through the website.

While your web designer might not be the one to fully optimise the web site for particular keywords of focus, it is important that they set up the architecture for this to occur. Without, you could be looking at another redesign sooner than you might prefer.

Hiring a Web Designer

If you’re in need of someone to design and develop your new website, consider Newpath web. As a long-standing web designer in Melbourne, our team can effectively grasp your business style and focus on these four points above, delivering you a perfect web site. Visit our web design services page for more information, or click the contact us link.

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