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As UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) continues to evolve, users not only prefer websites that provide a personalised experience – they expect it. A report conducted in 2017 by Infosys revealed that around 74% of visitors felt frustrated if the website they were browsing did not offer a personalised experience.

So, why is it important to team up with a web design company in Melbourne like Newpath Web and ensure your website is personalised to your visitors?

The benefits to your business

Standing out from your competitors and establishing your key point of difference has become much more difficult, which is why having a personalised website is important.

Providing a ‘human to human’ touch with the right message will instantly capture user’s attention once they land on a web page, resulting in them being more likely to engage with your website. This is why providing a personal customer journey on your website using personalised content targeted to their interests or search query is key to increasing conversions.

Creating personalised content is also a crucial factor when it comes to your digital marketing efforts. This includes creating tailored call to actions, personalising content on landing pages and reaching out to your target audience on social media platforms such as Facebook.

What does a personalised customer journey look like?

Some of the world’s most influential companies use customer personalisation technology to provide a tailored experience for their customers. Companies such as Amazon and Netflix collect and utilise customer data to help provide a personalised experience. For example, Netflix’s user interface will utilise data such as a user’s past viewing activity to offer a selection of new shows and movies to watch that are most relevant to the user.

Crucial factors for providing a personalised experience

You can use Google Analytics to track each user’s journey when visiting your website for understanding how your audience engages with your website. Using this data, the most important factors to consider when personalising your website are:

  • Mobile-friendly

Your website must be both desktop and mobile-friendly. According to a report from Statist a in July 2020, almost half of the worldwide web traffic is from mobile users. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you are missing out on a huge portion of web traffic.

  • Live chat

Rather than a user having to send an email or call the company directly, having a live chat feature means that they can quickly get an answer to any enquires they may have. Apart from providing a personalised experience, it’s a great way to quickly act on sale opportunities that may go cold when relying on email enquiries.

  • Localisation

It’s important to consider your international visitors who might not be able to read English. Giving them the option to select their location and having the website translated into their preferred language will provide a better experience while also increasing conversion opportunities.

  • Landing pages

Optimising your landing pages isn’t just about providing content relevant to what the user is searching for – it can be a perfect way to create a great and personal first impression. For example, there are websites that greet their users depending on their time of day or night and greet returning users by their name if they have an account. Some clothing websites even offer certain products and promotions based on the current weather of the user’s location!

Having a personalised website is key to standing out in today’s highly competitive online landscape. To work with a leading web design company in Melbourne and ensure your website is providing a personalised experience, reach out to us at Newpath Web.

Explore our website to view our full range of digital services or call us today on 1300 761 806 to find out how we can assist your needs.

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