How do you make an impact on your website viewers? How do you create a website that makes it easy for the reader to work out fast if it will help them? Do you need to partner with a professional web design company to achieve this?

Do you know that content writing for the web is vastly different from any other kind of writing?

We have tried to address these questions in this article.

Web Design: Make it easy to scan the site, and get a good feel for the purpose

Good design is important, but let’s face it; visitors don’t come to your website to admire its nice design or layout.

The majority of visitors to your website come because they were motivated to look at your website to see if you could convince them to make a purchase from you.

Always remember, the web is based on small resolution sizes. Sometimes, text online is not as clear as newsprint, and images can be low resolution.

Practical Use

Don’t be tricked into flashy technology such as Java Script and Flash design, concentrate on the important stuff first. The added benefit of this is that you will save cash also when having a website designed. Don’t get me wrong, these tools add that bit of flare to your website, but you can run the risk of annoying some visitors who are simply looking for information they hope to find on your website.

A well structured website can deliver amazing results for any e commerce business. Effective bullet points, keywords or phrases accented in bold type and an easy to navigate page can have a greater impact on your e-commerce web design than anything.

Self-Directed Design

If you are informed (by a web design company) as to what will help make your site better, then you can self-direct the web development of the site that provide total control over the text.

If you can utilise the tools available to make your site user friendly and highly scannable you will likely find you can achieve your own success in web design.

Writing for the Web

Content writing for a website is not similar to writing any other type of content. Statements, and messages must be compact and the content must be scannable.

What does this mean? When you write for the web you must help the reader find the subject they are most interested in, and do this quickly. You can achieve this very well by using sub-headings and call-outs and highlighted sections.

Use the tips above to help design a website for your business, and you will be on the way to having a website people want to stay on, and read.

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