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Here at Newpath WEB, we constantly strive towards greater creativity and innovation when it comes to designing a new website. Looking at business website design in Melbourne, there are a number of apparent trends that are critical for you to consider when it comes to the look of your website.

Optimised Design is Really Important

As an agency that also offers bespoke search engine optimisation campaigns, we can tell you that ensuring consistent website design across desktop, tablet and mobile browsing is absolutely critical for the success of your business. Why though?

Well, if your website looks terrific on your computer, but is slow, sluggish and unappealing on your phone, you’ve got some real problems if you think you’re going to rank for anything on Google. The Mobile-First Index is coming and Google is going to begin positioning websites in their search results based on the mobile site first and everything else second.

Minimalism is Shrinking…

We all recognise the one-page website: this scrolling, behemoth of a webpage that offers everything a user could want, all in one place. The trend has always been to have less and less on your website, minimising elements such as text and graphics.

Increasingly, you need to understand that users are more willing than ever to work hard finding the information they want. Scrolling and scrolling and scrolling is great for thumbs, but people definitely want more information, especially when browsing on their phones. Don’t treat them like idiots by giving them no information; give them what they want in a useful way and trust that they can get what they need.

Vibrancy is a Bright Idea

Contrary to a number of big-budget Hollywood films, vivid colouring is all the rage at the moment. Don’t sit back and let your website drown in dark muted, soft colouring. Instead, increase your usage of bold, bright colourways. While not requiring your website to be a rainbow of different shades, using sharp pops of crisp colour can help your website stand out in a crowded market place.

Vibrancy isn’t just limited to colour either, with clean, sharp font increasingly popular among new brands. Look to create contrast with both branding and general elements of the webpage

Have a Strong Idea About What You Want

As always, ensure that you have a really strong idea about how the new website needs to look. Offering business website design in Melbourne, Newpath WEB understands just how difficult a project can be with no guiding concept. We work closely with you and your business to understand just how everything needs to look, but your input is highly-valuable and always appreciated. To find out more, visit our website development services page, or contact us now!

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