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As a Drupal website developer, we get asked all the time, “why should I choose to work with Drupal?” As a content management system, Drupal is one of the more complicated platforms available; however, it is incredibly powerful and highly-flexible, capable of building virtually any website. Prized for security and capable of handling large-scale organisational requirements, Drupal is a popular choice across the globe. Below, we’ve listed three reasons why businesses should choose Drupal for their next website.

Highly Customisable

Traditional content management systems tend to be limited by what each can do. WordPress, while having several plugins available to users, is limiting in how information can be presented. While Kentico is better, it still lacks some of the functionality and customisation that Drupal is famous for. Comfortably integrated web applications, third-party APIs and much more, Drupal is a workhorse of a platform; capable of managing a whole raft of plugins without breaking so much as a sweat.

Increased Functionality

The enhanced functional performance of Drupal means that the implementation of things such as subdomains, multilingual sites and complex submission forms are a breeze. The Drupal web development community is one of the most passionate around, and offers over 16,000 different modules, depending on your requirements. Drupal allows you to bring in different technologies depending on your requirements and provides functionality to set up different content types for things like directories, galleries or text-heavy pages.

Highly Flexible

The customisable and functional capacity of Drupal allows it to stand out as one of the most popular platforms around. The flexibility it offers websites is unsurpassed, with the ability to pivot a website’s functionality from text-heavy blog-based to image-heavy and back without complete redesigns. While very few businesses are likely to make these types of changes, the more likely scenario is that your Drupal website can grow with your business, changing and adjusting to suit updated requirements.

Why Not Choose Drupal?

It’s great to go over why people should choose Drupal, and I’m sure that the points above all sound like a great idea for a website. But sometimes, content management systems are just too complex for some businesses. If you are just a small to medium business, Drupal can be a bit much. For content delivery platforms and product galleries, WordPress is ideal. For full-service integration across the entire digital business, go with Kentico. And for practical ecommerce solutions, Magento is a real winner. However, each is unique, and there’s nothing to say that Drupal isn’t the right option for your situation.

Talk to a Website Developer

Ultimately, the process comes down to a requirement to talk to a developer. As a Drupal website developer, we’ve spoken to countless businesses about their digital requirements, and honestly, not all need to pursue Drupal as their platform of choice. So, while this article might seem helpful, the only way you can really know if Drupal is right is by talking to us more. Get in touch today and let’s build you a new website.

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