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In 2020, we rely on the Internet more than ever before. Whether it’s because of a pandemic or the convenience factor, most people will buy their goods from a business’s website rather than a brick and mortar store. This means that the UI (User Interface) of your website is the deciding factor if a customer decides to make a purchase or leaves – never to return.

So, why exactly is it so important to work with an experienced web design company such as Newpath? And is the design of your website’s UI really that important?

What’s the worst that could happen?

Customers are very visual and it only takes just a few seconds for them to make a first impression about your website – and whether or not they will make a purchase. If your customers can’t easily navigate through each webpage, can’t quickly find what they are searching for or don’t fully understand what your website is offering, then they will simply leave.

This is all due to a poorly designed UI.

What is ‘UI’?

The UI design is the visual aspect of your entire website and the link between your website and your users. This includes crucial factors such as how information is presented, how users interact with your website, the aesthetic appearance and much more.

As the basic building blocks of web design, the User Interface of your website incorporates crucial functions including tags, buttons, breadcrumbs, lists, icons, toggles and more. But why is all of this so important?

All you have is 8 seconds

In 2015, Microsoft published a report which showed that humans have decreased their attention span from 12 seconds down to just 8 seconds. This helps paint the picture of just how crucial it is for your website to instantly grab the attention of each user, instantly communicate what your website is about, and instantly provide the information your users are looking for.

That’s not a lot of time. So, how does professional UI design establish all of this in just a few seconds?

Keeping it simple

Resist the temptation to add multiple interface patterns and complex layouts as this will most likely lead to confusion. Always remember: 8 seconds is all you have to make a great first impression. This is why simplicity is key to a great UI design.

Menus that are easy to navigate

Users need to quickly find what they are looking for when landing on your website – otherwise, they will leave and your website will be hit with high bounce rates. The navigation menu should clearly label each page on your website and be strategically placed. Integrating features such as breadcrumbs will help your users navigate back and forth between each webpage when browsing.

A clear and consistent theme

Having a website with a clear and consistent UI design is key to not only attracting users but also communicating your brand and message. This includes all website content such as internal blogs having a consistent tone, a consistent font style and size, and ensuring all user interface elements have a uniform design.

And what about your mobile users? Since most users visit websites from their smartphones, will the layout of your website adapt and fit to their smaller screen size? Will all the writing and pictures on a webpage become ‘squashed’ and unreadable?

Getting professional support

8 seconds is all you have to grab your user’s attention before they leave and turn to your competitors. And even once you have grabbed their attention, you need to ensure that the UI design of your website is easy to navigate and provides an enjoyable experience for return business.

For a leading web development company in Melbourne that has worked with a range of prestigious clients such as Mercedes Benz, Choices Flooring, TPG and Porsche, reach out to us at Newpath. Our professional team of experienced web designers will ensure that your website is mobile-friendly and provides a great User Experience through a thoughtfully designed User Interface, generating higher visitor traffic to your website.

Call us today on 1300 761 806 to see how we can assist your website design needs or browse our website to explore our full range of digital services today.

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