Blockchain platform development

Effectively integrate blockchain into your business - and reap the rewards

The range of use cases for blockchain technology is growing exponentially. As blockchain platform development experts, the Newpath team can help you take advantage of the latest technology and this truly unparalleled opportunity. 

From cryptocurrency development services, to smart contracts and wallet development, our team is experienced in all elements of blockchain platform development. 

Our expert team delivers premium development services, created in the most secure and reliable environments. We also deliver ongoing support throughout deployment and beyond, ensuring that the platform is delivering against an agreed set of KPIs. 

We offer the following services:

  • Smart contract development: Using a number of different technologies, we can develop advanced protocols and virtual machines. Our team understands the vast interdependencies and efficiency triggers required. 
  • Cryptocurrency wallet development: Crypto wallets play a crucial role in trading. Leveraging the latest technology, our team can build wallets with a range of functionality that enable fast and secure transactions. 
  • Crypto exchange development services: Our team can also develop cryptocurrency exchange development, as well as decentralized exchange (DEX). These services can augment online trading to provide the fastest and most secure exchange and asset trading programs.
Blockchain platform development


Striking the essential balance between development and risk management, our blockchain platform development team can help drive business value for you. 

Our solution reduces your risks of fraud, increases efficiency and, ultimately, improves customer loyalty.

Unlike other businesses who focus on blockchain marketing or development, our team is experienced in every stage of blockchain platform development, having worked with a plethora of corporate, retail, educational and government clients. 

We create the right solution from initial idea through to full-stack enterprise blockchain applications or prototypes, and beyond.

There are inherent risks associated with blockchain platform development, but our Australian-based team can assist with minimizing them. 

We offer an array of digital security and trust verification processes so you can rest assured your data is secure.

Blockchain technology is advancing at lightning speed. 

Our experienced team keeps abreast of the latest developments to ensure that your platform is the most reliable, secure and effective as it can be.

Blockchain offers unparalleled opportunities for businesses going forward, and it’s never too early to invest in this technology to help transform your business. 

Our expert blockchain platform development team will assist from idea inception to deployment and beyond, all the while ensuring risks are mitigated.

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