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Upfront analysis & planning, always.

Your digital project will succeed with our invested, detail-focused approach to planning. Our business analyst and information architecture practitioners undertake intensive upfront analysis to solve problems, identify opportunities and unearth solutions that bridge the gaps between business needs, user needs and technology. We know from experience that mapping back to these early discoveries will strengthen the project structure, process and deliver an effective global digital solution.

Business Analysis Services


Solutions first, tech second

Applying a problem solving framework, we have shifted the focus from implementing technology to a focus on understanding and solving the most important problems. Only then do we make decisions on the best suited technology for your project.

Clarity via visual communication

We work with clients to develop interactive wireframes and mockups, rapid prototypes or minimum viable products. This enables all parties to quickly validate ideas, manage requirements, improve stakeholder communication and streamline the design-development workflow.

Information Architecture

Information architecture (IA) is often-overlooked. However, the way your site is structured is crucial for effective navigation of a website or application. Applying IA results in well-thought out and user-friendly categorisation, schema, taxonomy and mapping – all matched to your website, app or software platform.

Project planning

Neglecting up-front analysis can wind up accruing many unforeseen costs further down the track. By completing comprehensive analysis prior to project kick off we ensure all parties expectations, needs and budgets are aligned for the project lifecycle.

SEO & business analysis

Our technical SEO specialists and content strategists work together to create site wide information architectures and navigational plans that are optimised for organic search, and consider both users and design aesthetics.

Business analysis consulting

We provide consulting services in the design and development of digital products and services. If you have a digital project in the works, we can assist by guiding you through our grounded research, planning and organisation approach.

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