Utilise Keap (formerly known as Infusionsoft) to collect and convert leads, and turn clients into fans

Known as an industry leader for a reason, Keap (formerly known as Infusionsoft) is a CRM, and sales and marketing automation tool with unrivalled potential.

Organisations of all sizes are substantially spectacular results from Keap, with some businesses even doubling in size.

By partnering with clients to set up and manage Keap, we’ve witnessed the following benefits: 

  • Easy lead capture: Keap’s powerful CRM, which includes lead capture blueprints, landing page templates, and options for appointment setting, enables exceptionally easy lead capture. 
  • Seamless automation: Keap’s personalised automations sound and convert exactly like a real person, ensuring that your team can focus on other important work. 
  • Powerful emails and texts: Keap has a library of curated templates that you can send to segmented audience lists. 

Our team at Newpath are experts in all facets of Keap, and can help guide organisations from initial platform selection through to deployment and much more.


Benefit from unique messaging

With the average customer receiving hundreds of marketing emails to their inbox everyday, unique messages are absolutely critical to conversion.

Keap’s library of powerful emails and SMS will ensure your organisation is noticed.

With so many systems for tracking customers, sometimes it’s really difficult to tell who is a lead, and who is simply not going anywhere.

Keap’s comprehensive system helps you understand your leads in great detail – and convert them.

As AI chatbots have risen in popularity, so too has customer frustration with them. Unfortunately, AI can only go so far when it comes to sounding like a real person.

Fortunately, Keap’s automation is so personal that it’s challenging for the average customer to tell the difference.

Keap has a huge breadth and depth of functionality, and in order for your organisation to truly benefit, it’s important to utilise as much as possible.

Our team has set up and managed countless Keap accounts and has in-depth expertise in all elements of the system, including integrations.

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