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The brief__

ANZCA engaged with Newpath to bring together a diverse range of stakeholders to create a streamlined online experience for health practitioners.

Working with 32 content owners, Newpath streamlined and rationalised complex content into a cohesive information architecture plan, while simultaneously designing a new website.


The process__

With over 9000+ pages of content to contend with, there were three main challenges that Newpath envisaged, that were:

  1. How do we rationalise years of online content into a cohesive website structure?
  2. How do we provide diverse audiences, each with their own objectives, with a streamlined user experience?
  3. How do we provide flexibility to content managers while maintaining a strong sense of governance and structure?

The best way forward was to use the Kentico Xperience platform.


Discovery phase__

Heading into the project, our team was presented with preliminary analysis findings and wireframes from internal discovery sessions and previous partners. Open to change, ANZCA’s steering committee were keen for our creative leaders to challenge any preconceptions and existing materials.

We quickly uncovered that the website had grown to a point where user journeys were complex, navigation was 8 layers deep, and there were 9000+ pages of content. It was clear that a strong information architecture strategy was critical to our success. As a result, we tailored a UX program that allowed us to create a user-centric view of the world to help guide our decisions on content management.


Design + develop__

Our strongest client engagement program, User Experience, offered ANZCA’s highly engaged working group with a series of facilitated workshops, including:

  • Information architecture
  • User personas & journeys
  • Design studios
  • Content management

Each workshop allowed participants to offer their ideas, which resulted in unique insights and a range of powerful design and functionality concepts.

While their new branding was being designed, our design department delivered a detailed component-based design plan that offered much improved relationships between content. Web parts delivering dynamic and personalised content would not only save space but also reduce the number of pages by over 80%.

Importantly, the content plan closely matched the user journeys and design components to deliver an exemplary user experience to all online audiences.

With content authorship, personalisation, flexible web part management, and integration being key requirements for the Content Management System (CMS), Kentico Xperience proved to be an excellent choice.

Developed under an agile project plan, we built the solution in phases to assure a faster launch plan while delivering ongoing feature updates through incremental releases. Additional personalisation, member dashboards and content publishing functions.


The results__

We’re exceptionally proud of the recently launched ANZCA website. The project exemplifies a strong client – service provider partnership that has delivered a highly capable digital platform for their members, industry groups and media.

The numbers alone are impressive: Our content and design team:

  • Worked with 12 project stakeholders and 32 content owners throughout a detailed 4-month User Experience program.
  • Trationalised the site content from 9000+ pages spanning 8 levels deep to 425 pages and 3 levels deep.
  • Managed hundreds of data integration points within ANZCA’s membership system, including membership/courses management, donations, online forms, interactive maps, etc.

The result? A highly personalised, visually beautiful and deeply engaging online experience for all audiences.

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