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Choices Flooring
Choices Flooring

The brief__

Touted to be Australia’s ‘most progressive retail floor coverings group’, Choices Flooring has earned itself quite the name across a majority of Australia’s households. Maintaining a strong independent streak that stems from their humble beginnings, Choices Flooring continues to remain a pioneer in the field of flooring and wanted an agency who could replicate that within their digital presence. Enter Newpath.

Choices Flooring

The process__

To ensure their online identity remained as dynamic as their physical presence, Choices Flooring wanted to revamp their basic WordPress platform. From an end-user perspective and web-admin perspective, it lacked usability and therefore had decreased engagement which is what Newpath addressed through our digital innovation.

A highly ambitious project, our human-centered design process enabled us to design and build tools that empathised and resonated with buying audiences while digitally-enabling their 135 stores around Australia and New Zealand, ultimately, helping them to create exceptional customer experiences.

Choices Flooring

Discovery phase__

Keeping in mind the goal of increasing audience engagement, Newpath Web devised strategies to implement the same through innovation that would appeal to Choices Flooring as well as their audience.

They also needed a way to automate and self-manage a lot of their digital campaigns – Choices Flooring has an active annual campaign calendar that requires their digital marketing team to be closely engaged and manage brand campaigns.

Handling this project meant centralizing a majority of Choices Flooring’s activities – from digital marketing to their sales. Automation was key to this project, while keeping creativity at the forefront. Choices Flooring firmly believes in the saying, “The floor is the fifth wall of the house.” Newpath integrated design rooted in that very purpose.

Choices Flooring

Design + develop__

A solution was designed to centralize their digital marketing activities, followed by an integrated Salesforce Marketing Cloud and an AI chat bot. This made for a major chunk of the project and helped dramatically increase their audience engagement. Kentico 11 was an ideal platform to work with given the various content forms we would be working with.
To manage both the Australian website and the New Zealand website, we used Kentico’s Cultures component to help build localised content separately without needing to create an entirely new site for this region.

A new component was introduced which was a big addition to Choices Flooring’s brand — My Choices. This allowed users to gather inspiring images and products, send it automatically to the local store (and also book an appointment at the same time). Store clerks would receive the inspirational images as a package and then proceed to shape the in-store customer experience around each customer’s preferences. This is a new development within the flooring industry and Choices Flooring was pleased to be fronting this form of innovation! Additionally, a floor quiz was created to further aid people in their hunt for flooring that would suit their needs.

With a majority of their customers accessing the website via their mobile devices (70-80%), a bespoke online magazine was developed that offered a mobile-first experience. To lower the cost of publishing their bi-annual Inspiring Choices Magazine, we built a custom module within the CMS allowing their design department to reflow the print magazine adaptive web parts to better suit the digital environment – all managed within the Kentico platform.

Attracting over 1mil users per year, the website leverages cloudflare to make our web applications faster, more reliable, and allows us to respond with confidence to traffic spikes.

Choices Flooring

The results__

The brand-new website gives consumers a modern experience while remaining comprehensive. Irrespective of an individual’s lifestyle or budget, the new experience seamlessly provides inspiration.

Points of engagement increased significantly through contextual enquiries, an AI chat bot, a comprehensive FAQ section, and the ‘My Choices’ component which provided consumers with an ‘inspiration station’.

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