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The brief__

Developed to become the latest tool in the field of journalism that empowers the public, iWitness Upload helps connect every person to news organisations around the world. This advanced platform gives one the opportunity to take news into their own hands, to be part of the story and as added incentive — be paid for contributions! The concept was already set in stone, but iWitnessUpload needed someone to help bring this idea to fruition i.e. Newpath, Melbourne’s leading digital marketing company.


The process__

Journalism is increasingly becoming privatised, with fewer people being able to voice their concerns or stories. Figuring a unique way to do the same through a tailored process was necessary to facilitate trustworthy relationships between the media and a contributing individual. Hence, iWitness Upload was developed as a way to create media leads via photographs or videos, turning a regular witness into a legitimate contributor.


Discovery phase__

A regular issue that cropped up with a platform like this is encouraging witnesses to come forward and share their photographic or video evidence. Another, was to ensure that this evidence wasn’t also freely available on other platforms such as social media — instantly nullifying the need for an exclusive paid-for upload.

The need for a filter that provided access to exclusive, breaking footage or images needed to be built; but it needed to provide incentive for active users to share the same.


Design + develop__

To encourage witnesses to come forward, monetary compensation needed to be offered. Any newsworthy content could be submitted and would then be made available for purchase immediately. If a broadcaster purchases your content, you get paid. For media agencies, this tailor-made news gathering process would help break news in real-time.

Each video or photograph is marked with a watermark to prevent stealing — once purchased, the content’s watermark is removed and provided to the buyer. To counter posting on social media, contributors are warned that if their content is found elsewhere, their upload will be removed, and their account will be deleted as retaining exclusive rights are an essential part of this platform.

Prior to purchase, if content is currently in the midst of an auction, users will receive live updates in progress. When content is purchased, a user will receive an email and/or a notification that will dictate the purchase details. It will also detail how to redeem the same through a nominated bank account. Additionally, the organisation behind the purchase might make an attempt to get in contact with you for further information and to ensure exclusive rights — helping make this process as rigorous as possible.

Content is also made easily searchable through a defined search, divided by geography or by the content’s description. Content currently in high demand by other buyers will also appear separately.


The results__

This seamless process connects the general public to the media — allowing for increased coverage of otherwise ignored news angles or stories. It encourages users to start sharing more, providing news or media organisations with genuine, consistent content that can be easily linked back to users for further questions or clarifications.

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