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Running a pay per click (PPC) campaign is a really great way to promote your business, regardless of your product, history or experience. PPC allows you to reach motivated customers who might be completely unaware of your business otherwise. As a PPC management company, we’re constantly helping businesses large and small manage their AdWords campaigns.

AdWords is great for small businesses because even with a limited budget, you can still get real value for money. If this sounds like something your business is interested in, have a read below to see a few points we’ve come up with to make the most of everything.

Keyword Focus

Knowing what your keywords are is critical to success not just in PPC but digital business in general. The basic idea is that keywords are a guide towards everything you create, ensuring that no matter what, your content and your messaging refers to these keywords.

PPC campaigns inherently rely on setting the right keywords, but reviewing this list on a regular basis can offer some remarkable insights. First and foremost, keywords are set in a particular way: either exact, broad or phrase match. Each of these will mean your ads are shown in different ways, but reviewing to ensure you’re not missing any opportunities is critical.

Furthermore, identifying new and potentially valuable keywords to target in the campaign can prove very fruitful. Beyond just picking up the previously missed keywords, this can help identify opportunities and potentially remove keywords based on inappropriate intentions (information seeking versus pure action driven).

Finally, be sure to remove actual search enquiries to refine further and remove negative keywords that are not related to your business. Going back to keyword settings being either broad, phrase or exact match, this can welcome some uninvited search queries, though no one’s fault in particular. The more data you have, the better you can refine the campaign to perform faultlessly, and make the most of your budget.

Quality Scores

As an extension of keywords, ensuring that your selections are matched by the content on your website is critical. AdWords (and most PPC platforms) will offer a metric towards how closely your ads match the landing page content, called Quality Score.

For AdWords, the Quality Score of a particular keyword is vital towards saving (or costing) you more money. On a scale of 1 – 10, a keyword with a quality score of 5 will cost more per click than a keyword with a quality score of 9 or 10. If you want to save money, get that quality score up!

The way to do this is to optimise your landing page and ads to more closely reflect your keyword. The work you completed associated with the previous point will be wasted if you don’t optimise your content for the new keywords. The more you include in ad copy or website content, the more effective (and cost-effective) your campaign will be.

Know Your Maths

As with any expenditure associated with a business, the cost-benefit analysis is critical. While PPC advertising can have a huge benefit for a company, it can chew through money like nothing else! You must constantly be reviewing the cost of and revenue generated from the campaign.

Like most digital marketing practices, AdWords is infinitely trackable. Set up goals, set up conversion tracking and make sure you can see how your campaign is impacting on the bottom line. Without accurate measurement, simply relying on the vibe and feel of the campaign can be a bit misleading. Google wants your business, and they give you a lot of metrics at your disposal; make use of them to ensure you’re not blowing through cash!

Get Someone To Help with PPC Management

Simply put, PPC is something that you can do on your own. The platforms are very easy to use and are highly customisable. However, this approach can lack the enhanced quality provided by a PPC management company. Our PPC team has years of experience handling large accounts for a variety of businesses, and have an in-depth understanding of the platform and best practices. Check out our PPC services page for more and get in touch today!

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