Online reputation has become more powerful than ever in today’s digital world. For any company, gaining an advantage over competitors online is critical.

There are a number of long-term strategies that are capable of strengthening your online reputation, however Google offers effective short-term solutions through various data types. It’s just a matter of understanding them.

Below we’re going to look at what Google has to offer and how you can take advantage and expand your online presence.

Advertising your brand on Google AdWords can help you reach new customers by optimising where your ad appears so that it targets the audience with themes related to your business. It also helps your business obtain more online real estate, resulting in your brand and business ranking higher than competitors.

Be the top page of Google.

Be the top page of Google.

Having a Google+ account opens the door to your brand capturing side rail real estate by utilising rel=”publisher”. The result of merging your brand with Google+ is that a large space on the right side of Google is yours, while your official site also takes the top rank of Google Search on the left.

Google Images
An unknown tactic to take up potential search engine result space is the optimisation of Google Images. It’s as simple as including your brand in the image file name, the URL where the image is hosted, alt attribute (used in HTML to specify alternative text that is to be rendered when the element to which it is applied cannot be rendered) and the title of the image.

YouTube videos have become more prevalent for a variety of different search queries, including brand names. This is occurring more than ever before as a result of Google looking to promote what they own, after they and YouTube merged through Google+. Branded channels can be discovered by thousands of people if uploaded and tagged correctly. Including your brand in the username, name of the video and the Meta tags is crucial in succeeding. There are other options outside of this, but if the above is done correctly, the views and website clicks should continue to rise. Through the use of YouTube you can then share the videos onto Google+, where potential clients can +1 your video and recommend it to others.

Creating an online presence is now as important as any other aspect of your brand. If done successfully, with the above techniques, you’ll soon notice the benefits. Engaging your current customers and creating future customers is a strong step toward building a successful brand.

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