Social Media Marketing Tips

Here are our five best tips for better social media marketing.

1. Share at the right time of day 

Research tells us the best times to post on various platforms is as follows:

9am – 11am for Google+

1pm – 3pm for Twitter

1pm – 4pm for Facebook

5pm – 6pm for Instagram

7pm – 10pm for Tumblr

8pm – 11pm for Pinterest.

2. Plan your content 

Most people still wite content “in the moment” trying to come up with something witty, funny or suitable for that instant. Instead, a planned out, strategic content strategy should be considered. Posts should have a mix of marketing/promotion, questions, salesmanship, offers, general interest, quizzes, education etc. They should be balanced properly, and have an aim. Content drives outcomes, and hence you should know what you want to achieve and plan your content around that.

3. Test It

How can you know if a social-media campaign is reaching the intended audience or figure out which components customers liked? Run tests.

Testing can get complex, hence our advice is to connect with a trustworthy Social Media Marketing Company in Australia to help you setup and perform the right tests, and then know how to read the results and advise on changes to your campaigns.

4. Send the right message to the right platform

Every social media platform serves a different purpose and has a unique audience.

Twitter users enjoy an image that has been attached, Facebook users like pictures and don’t like being asked for likes and Google+ followers are passionate brand advocates.

Understanding this can make boost your marketing efforts.

5. Don’t just rely on organic strategies

I know, it costs more money. But, it’s needed if you want to boost your reach.  Paid ads is a great way to reach the right audience, fast.

When you pay for placements, you expand your outreach outside of your current community of contacts in a rapid and effective way. While organic strategies are great, it doesn’t hurt to shell out money for ad placements on social media networks.

If you are looking for a Social Media Marketing Company in Australia, our Social Media Experts would love to have a chat with you.

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