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When Australian software developers think about software testing, they will typically only focus on one particular style of test (whether that is functional or regression testing). Of course, this is a very narrow-sighted view of software testing, which is instead composed a series of connected testing modules that look to expose all manner of errors within a program.

While there may be several different approaches that can be taken by software developers, it’s essential that they all answer some fundamental questions, including ‘does the application work?’, ‘is the software secure?’, and ‘is it easy to use?’. Each of these questions needs an answer, but it’s not as simple as running a few tests and passing or failing each one of them. Instead, test results need to be reviewed thoroughly to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the program as a whole.

Below, we’ve listed a few tips for Australian software developers to consider when testing their software.

Don’t Leave Testing Until the Very End

Most developers won’t look for testing to be completed until the very end of the process. This is an unfortunate attitude to take when it comes to your software development, as last-minute revisions can often delay a project far greater than would occur if software testing was an ongoing process. After every significant milestone, test the program functionality that exists and adjust as required. This behaviour will save a lot of time in the long run.

Clarity in Reporting is Critical

When communicating between developers and testing teams, it is fundamental to ensure that errors are shared in a clear and concise manner. Don’t miss out any crucial information, but don’t overwhelm the reader either. Provide simple instruction towards each error and how to resolve the issue, and move on to the next one.

Testing is a Team Effort

Some developers might begrudge software testing as a role due to their perception that all responsibility is on their shoulders. Of course, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, having multiple sets of eyes on the project, some of which have never encountered it before, is the only sure way to full pick up all mistakes and errors in the code.

What is Good Enough?

Everyone wants to deliver a perfect product. Whether it features the most functionality, the most efficient coding or just looks the most attractive, we all set out to provide quality work. However, when working on software testing, it is fundamental to recognise that sometimes you just can’t achieve a perfect program. There are always bound to be some bugs; you must learn how to accept that to be most effective.

Engage the End User

While for the most of the development process, it is essential to keep the client at some distance from the project, when it comes to pre-launch final testing processes, involving them can be useful. Clients generally shouldn’t be included in the development of a program due to confusing or conflicting statements potentially derailing the entire project. But once the application is complete, having them review the software is ideal for picking up bugs as well as to begin tweaking elements of the software to suit their requirements.

Think Outside the Box

Finally, when it comes to software testing, one of the most fundamental (and clichéd) attitudes to take about the process is to think outside the box. While it might be clichéd, it’s still appropriate, as a lack of innovation when it comes to software testing is only bound to deliver a dull and uninspiring piece of software. Sometimes that’s necessary, but software developers need to continually strive for greatness, which thinking outside the box provides.

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