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Magento is a trusted and heavily relied-upon platform for a number of large ecommerce websites. The popular CMS is popular due to its open source functionality, scalability, flexibilities, customisation and smooth functioning performance. Focusing on Magento development in Melbourne means that you have skills with the platform, but there are always a few little tips and tricks that bypass a lot of developers.

Learn the Fundamentals

Let’s not pretend that this is some great big secret, but it’s still important to mention. Without a pure fundamental understanding of the platform, you’ll never be able to master its intricacies. No matter how good a programmer you are, you must constantly work to fill out your knowledge gaps through engagement with online forums, video tutorials and external development.

Take a Developer Exam

A lot of platforms these days will offer online exams to gain certification for a particular platform, and Magento is no different. To be a truly inspirational Magento developer, ensure you take and pass the certification exam. Furthermore, organisations will always choose a developer with reliably good certifications. The exam can offer further reading on in-depth concepts that would be classified as “beyond basics”.

Do Some External Reading

Individuals fail to advance because of a lack of interest or motivation in a particular topic. If you are looking to grow as a Magento developer, ensure that you are reading externally through guides, articles and online forums in order to find the cutting edge techniques being utilised in fantastic new projects. These platforms often allow for further clarification or feedback, allowing you to problem-solve particular issues that might have impacted your performance previously.

Learn To Review

Magento code can be unforgiving at times, making even the slightest mistake a huge issue moving forward. While QA and UX testing is a must in any build, reviewing the code yourself can save a lot of hassle moving forward. Breaking down your coding tasks into smaller elements allows more thorough and comprehensive review for maximum benefit.

Engage With The Community

Because of Magento’s much-loved standing in the development community, there are a number of Magento events globally each year that have incredibly high attendance rates. These events highlight the latest and greatest innovations with the platform and can help with integrating with the rest of the Magento development community. Participation in these events can dramatically enhance your understanding and ability in Magento development.

Track Changes

GIT version control when developing in Magento is a must. Given the unforgiving nature of the code itself, if other people are making changes along with you, GIT version control is integral to ensure that you can keep track of any changes. Not only does this show you who is doing what, but if mistakes are made, then they can be rolled back quickly without incident. Of course, this requires ongoing review and analysis to ensure no errors are continued.

Magento Development is Challenging

If you’ve got an ecommerce website, consider running Magento as your content management system. Newpath web offers comprehensive Magento development in Melbourne with a dedicated team of developers who can create your ideal website. Get in touch with us today!

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