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If you don’t have a plan in place, yet expect to achieve consistent growth for your Online business, you might as well forget it. Growing a successful Online Business is a strategic process that requires long term vision, careful planning, pin point execution and bucket loads of patience. As with all businesses, it is vital that you have an understanding of what it is you want to achieve, and have a plan to get you there.

One of the very first elements is a website that has been optimised for Search Engines, and has been put through its paces to ensure when traffic lands on the site, that its actually converted into a customer.

Here are five simple, yet key ideas you can employ to enhance your online business:

1. Always be on the hunt for Opportunities to Increase Sales

Fact – sales drive business and sales come from customers; therefore, the hunt for new customers should be task number one in an ongoing marketing plan that every online business owner should have, and adhere to. Task two is to manage the ongoing relationship with your new customers, offering new products, services and specials to them. The main goal behind this element is to have these new clients purchase more from you, and more often.

The final task is to offer your more expensive products & services to these clients. Bundling a number of products/services is a great way to do this.

2. Make the Best Use of Your Marketing Budget

After having identified your target market and primary audience, planned out all of your goals and developed a promotional strategy to reach new prospects & customers, the next step is to figure out how to make the most of your budget and get the job done without over spending. Even though the exact process will vary from business to business, the principle remains the same.

Your main aim must be to achieve maximum exposure for your product or service, as often as possible, to your target audience – after all there is no use in spending wisely, and advertising a great product, but all to the wrong target market. Studies show on average a consumer will see a promotion about five to seven times before taking action on the offer.

So instead of blowing your entire budget on a single opportunity to reach your targeted group, it is much wiser to get everyone’s attention with repeated and sustained promotions. Use as many different forms of advertising as you can afford and squeeze the most out of your marketing dollars.

3. Invest in a Virtual Assistant

This is an opportunity to outsource various redundant tasks to someone who is capable, reliable and trustworthy. The big advantage to you is you’ll have more time to devote to activities that generate income and help you grow your online business.

A virtual assistant works from his or her office as an independent contractor and is responsible for whatever administrative or operational responsibilities you assign. Compensation is typically either an hourly rate, per task or for larger and longer term projects, by retainer.

4. Use Email to Convert Visitors into Customers

Email marketing is one of the most economical and reliable ways to build a relationship with visitors, eventually converting them into customer. It is an effective tool for staying in touch and developing the level of comfort and trust that is necessary before prospects will agree to do business with you.

You can use email to convey your product knowledge, case studies, specials, and testimonials. The more you are seen to be an authority, the greater your credibility will become and the easier it will be for you to make sales. Plus, email is a very handy tool for keeping customers abreast of new product launches, sales promotions and the latest announcements about your online business.

5. Develop a System for Everything You Do

Be sure to develop methods and procedures that simplify and expedite important aspects of your business operation. Often these systems will evolve from trial and error, but when they have been perfected they should become standard practice.

The most efficient systems are those that get you to your objective as quickly as possible, as reliably as possible, and are efficient in their use.

The above ideas are critical to the success of any online business. Together they save time, money, effort, and provide a pathway to sustained growth and expansion.

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