Google AdWords is an incredible way of marketing your products and services to a wider audience and generating a higher amount of traffic back to your website. However, without working with an experienced Google AdWords agency in Melbourne, you won’t be using this platform to its full advantage.

Less time waiting; more time ranking

 You may have heard that utilising SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is required in order to achieve higher ranks. While this is true, SEO is more of a long-term strategy where ‘quick wins’ aren’t very feasible. This however, changes when combined with Google AdWords.

To fully maximise the effectiveness of your SEO campaign, combing it with Google AdWords will ensure each ad is fully optimised with multiple keywords and target to specific geographical locations. Unlike SEO which can take many months to start ranking depending on the keyword you are targeting, combining it with Google AdWords will provide instant visibility when a user searches for your product or service.

Accurately measure your campaign’s performance

Traditional marketing methods were not able to accurately measure if the campaign was performing well. Older marketing methods such as advertising in brochures, on TV, on the radio and on billboards saw businesses waiting until their marketing campaign had finished before being able to determine if their efforts were fruitful.

Working with a Google AdWords agency in Melbourne such as Newpath Web will enable you to have complete control over your marketing campaigns. During any time, you can check how many clicks your ads have received, who is clicking them, how much each click is costing you, the overall traffic that has been generated and more.

Level the playing field

Not only do you have access to this incredible online marketing platform – but so do your competitors. This means that when your business isn’t running ads to promote your products and services; your competitors are. This is where turning to Newpath Web can help level the playing field.

Their qualified team of Google AdWords consultants will keep an eye on your competitors to gain valuable insight into their tactics such as the different types of ads they are running, how their business is being promoted, the keywords they are targeting and more. This will give you an edge on your competitors to ensure that you are always one step ahead.

A personalised approach

 At Newpath Web, we work closely with your business to fully understand what your needs, goals and objectives are. From there, we design and create a successful online marketing strategy that is in line with your requirements. You will also have access to an account manager who will provide monthly performance reports and be in regular contact with updates regarding your marketing campaigns.

To work with an experienced and certified Google AdWords agency in Melbourne, reach out to us at Newpath Web today. Browse through our website to see our range of services on offer and for more information.

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