PPC Management Services Spring Cleaning

Is it me, or do you get the urge to have a bit of a review and dig around our Pay Per Click campaigns with the changing of the seasons as I look to implement new ideas and approaches? I tend to be pedantic about this and have calendar entries for the change of each season and time set aside to perform an in depth review of each campaign I oversee.

As we close in on the end of Q1, with April just around the corner this week, it’s time to gear up for some Pay Per Click Management Services spring cleaning. In fact, the checklist and items I’ll talk about below can be applied all year long at set intervals, you don’t have to tie it to a change in season obviously.

Opportunities with Mobile Ads

With our approach to Pay Per Click Management Services, I ensure that every couple of months our team performs a review of our campaigns to make sure they’re optimised for mobile devices. You may not be aware but Ads for mobile typically have their own special considerations, and only certain types of ads can/will show on certain devices. Have a look at the image below that outlines this:


Here’s some mobile ad advice for AdWords:

It may sound obvious, but start by tailoring your message to be compelling to those prospective customers that are using mobile devices. This will help your ads look and perform much better in any format.

To make sure your ads look great on small screens such as smart phones etc, you can create a mobile-optimised ad with a message, display URL, and landing page specifically for mobile devices. To create a mobile optimised ad, select the “Mobile” checkbox next to the “Device preference” setting. If your ad groups contain ads that are eligible to appear on all devices and mobile-optimised ads, only your mobile preferred ads will appear on mobile devices.

Remember with mobile devices, you have limited space to get your message across. To be successful you need to write description text that is short, direct, and highly relevant to people on the go, if you want to be compelling.

As part of or Pay Per Click Management Services and quarterly reviews, we also assess the call extensions to make sure everything still looks good. This may sound silly to some however you’d be surprised at how many times we see a business change a phone number and forget to notify the company managing their PPC campaign.

As part of our spring cleaning we also look for opportunities to determine if call-only campaigns would be right for the business we are supplying Pay Per Click Management Services to. Call only campaigns are setup and focused on generating phone calls, not clicks to a website.

Of course, as part of any AdWords review, it’s crucial to review the basics, that we like to keep a constant eye on and make adjustments where necessary for the following:

  • Mobile ad position
  • Number of new visitors going to the website from mobile
  • Number of mobile conversions

Based on the information we glean from the data, we can then adjust bids appropriately. Remember that on a desktop, more ads can be shown than on a mobile device, so we want to secure our mobile position.

That said, our AdWords and Paid Search team as a rule of thumb will typically adjust bids so that ads appear in the number one position on mobile devices, and no less than position two, to take advantage of the item above.

AdWords Extensions Review

Many believe incorrectly that AdWords extensions factor into “Ad Rank” – A value that’s used to determine your ad position (where ads are shown on a page) and whether your ads will show at all. Ad Rank is calculated using your bid amount, the components of Quality Score (expected clickthrough rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience), and the expected impact of extensions and other ad formats..

There is a huge number of useful extensions you can include in your ads to better support your business goals and your ad’s relevancy. We will write a separate article on the extensions we recommend and why soon, however reviewing your AdWords Extensions quarterly and considering new extensions is an important task and shouldn’t be glossed over or given anything other than detailed review.

Duplicate Keyword Analysis

We see this quite often, especially on large AdWords campaigns, where duplicate keywords are present. This is a no no and should be avoided. We encounter advertisers that think bidding on the same keywords ups their chances of success, however this is a false belief and shouldn’t be practiced.

Every quarter, as part of our Pay Per Click Management Services offering our AdWords and Paid Search team run the AdWords Editor tool to help us identify duplicate keywords and take corrective action to remove them.

Page Speed Problems

Many overlook this critical item. Page speed (How fast your website loads) is crucial to ensuring visitors make it to your site and have a good experience once they’ve clicked an Ad, Link or something else to land on your website.

Keep in mind that your landing page experience affects not only your Quality Score, but also your Ad Rank and advertising costs.

We monitor it with tools to alert us to Page Speed issues, however every quarter perform an in depth, manual review of the page load time across all our clients, to ensure everything is running smoothly.

If you are looking for Pay Per Click Management Services in Melbourne, Sydney, Queensland or South Australia, contact Newpath WEB today to discuss how we can help you get the most from AdWords advertising.


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