Our Approach towards Google Algorithm Update

Google algorithm updates can be stressful, fun and challenging all at once. When ever an update is released, our SEO & Internet Marketing Services teams go into overdrive in order to ensure our clients and their campaigns continue to achieve the best results possible. We thought it might be a bit of fun to give you a peak inside our business around the time an algorithm update is released to the market by Google.

We know ahead of time what most algorithm updates represent, and we begin planning ahead of time for each. Considering each individual client campaign, and considering what adjustments need to be made in order to comply with new rules, and to continue successful results.

When it lands, emails and text messages begin flying between our team members and their manager. Typically starting with very basic statements, such as “It’s landed!” Quickly followed with “Have you started analysis and creating reports?”

Our organic search team and rank checking tools go into meltdown. We’re trying to run reports on more than 250 clients all at once.

Results begin rolling in, we can take a deep sigh of relief. The team all start speaking about individual campaigns, what’s happened there and why? We start reviewing historical campaign data, and task lists recently completed, checking and double checking. Are we ok? Is each campaign ok? Have we looked after everyone? Any fires we need to put out?

A few hours typically pass, and someone makes the call that the team must get back to bed, as the day ahead will be epic, and we’ll need plenty of energy. As there’s no disasters to take care of, everyone reluctantly agrees, and heads back for forty winks. Comprehensive reports are scheduled to run whilst everyone sleeps, ready for review in the morning.

Most of the SEO team get in early, with the remainder of the office trickling in a couple of hours later around normal starting time. By now the whole office knows that the algorithm change is rolling out. The SEO team are searching the web for info, bookmarking the relevant discussions, and starting all the processes we’ve planned and worked on previously. Certain clients (those keeping an active eye on their campaigns and algorithm updates) will be on the phone as soon as our receptionists are in and activate the switchboard. They’ll want to discuss the algorithm, any impacts, and our approach to it now it’s landed.

The first round of last night’s reports are done.  We quickly collate the data and make sense of it. We start calling all of our clients. This process will take days as we make sure that we phone each and every single client. We bring them up to date, advising what’s going on and what to expect.

By now, there is a sense of calm (Which is interesting considering its not yet lunch time). The SEO team are abuzz with activity, reviewing data, analysing results, and discussing results with clients.

We can start to think about the afternoon now. We start balancing review and adjustments with normal everyday tasks and jobs. By the end of the day the team are divided between collapsing into bed, or heading to the pub for a cheeky drink to celebrate.

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