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One of the most complex issues that tech giant Google has to face is the incredible range of users that they work with. On one hand, equally giant multi-national companies like Apple, Samsung, and Amazon have enormous teams work with Google to launch their incredible campaigns. On the other, Google must cater for small business owners, who often have no staff and often need to organise everything themselves.

Too Hard For Small Businesses

With the increasing complexity of Google AdWords, more and more businesses have been turning to Newpath WEB for their pay per click advertising needs. However, with recent admissions from Google, the power to take control of your online advertising is about to become a lot easier.

Google Product Marketing Manager Duncan McGrath has said at a recent event that their AdWords team was looking to simplify the AdWords platform, allowing small business owners (and non-tech savvy users) to work with the system and benefit their company’s performance

The Statistics Are Definitive

The statistics behind using Google AdWords are astonishing as well. According to Deloitte, businesses that use advanced online marketing tools such as search engine marketing, social media advertising, and video advertising are 1.5 times more like to be growing revenue, 14 times more like to be innovating in their product offering, and will have a far more diversified customer base, pulling in customers from wider geographical and cultural backgrounds.

Do you know what Deloitte said was the main barrier stopping small businesses from using these techniques? They said it was “Inadequate Skills”, hence these suggested changes.

What Should You Do?

AdWords as a platform is going to get simpler to use, no question about it. However, relying on Google Partner Agencies to handle your pay per click advertising is always going to beneficial for your business. You can take advantage of our skilled team of professionals who know what works based on their years of experience. But, start off by having a play around with AdWords to see how it works, and if you’re keen to find out more and to build a fantastic campaign, contact us today.

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