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Enterprise app development is an increasingly popular task that Newpath web undertakes. As app developers in Melbourne, we can assist with building applications designed to simplify internal processes or to engage with stakeholders across the organisation. What’s imperative though is that external development of these apps is utterly essential.

New Survey Highlights Surprising Attitudes

Widely-regarded app developer, Kony, has outlined in a recent report some fascinating figures based around enterprise app development. Kony interviewed over 1,000 business leaders, and the findings are critical for understanding attitudes towards internal enterprise app development.

Finding #1: Employees Know What They Want

Kony’s survey found that 97% (!) of all executives had fielded questions from their staff regarding internal mobile app development or improvement. Staff understand the inherent difficulties of working in large organisation and believe that introducing new mobile applications for information gathering or streamlined communication is critical for ongoing success

Finding #2: These Apps Serve Fairly Specific Functions

The survey highlighted that 98% of business leaders felt that their company could benefit from SOME type of application. Furthermore, the questionnaire highlighted that some executives believe their apps need more than just one form of purpose. They highlighted a range of service requirements including communication, productivity and even financial, accounts-based information.

Finding #3: Executives Don’t Want To Develop Apps Internally

This finding comes from a motherlode of information. Three separate questions delivered some remarkable results:

  • 97% of business leaders identified lack of skill, limited budget and security concerns as a reason to not include development in-house.
  • 87% agreed with the statement, “My company does not have the time or resources to develop our own mobile apps”.
  • Only 35% of executives were satisfied with how their IT departments manage the overall user experience of enterprise apps.
  • The big one – 81% (!) of these top-level business leaders believed that the best option for building and maintaining an enterprise app was through a third-party vendor.

All in all, these are some pretty damning figures. And if I were a business leader, I’d think long and hard before including my IT department in the mobile app development process.

What’s In Store For The Future?

Kony themselves state that enterprise app development is the future of business, with an anticipated 35 million apps, 4 billion people and 31 billion devices all potentially engaging from a business perspective. With more people using mobile apps across their lives, not just at home but in the office as well, businesses need to support and appeal to user attitudes.

Companies should reconsider utilising internal IT departments for such large-scale development tasks. With a variety of responsibilities already at their feet, these teams simply lack the skill, time or resources to create what executives and business leaders are looking for.

Newpath web Are World-Class App Developers in Melbourne

Regardless, app developers like Newpath web are here explicitly to build your new app. Our team are highly trained and experts at working with you to first outline your exact requirements and to fully realise them for staff usage. Our ability to build enterprise apps is first-class. For more information, visit our app development services page or contact us today!

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