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Despite the fact most of us now know that Facebook ads have been around for quite some time, and could no longer be referred to as new, there’s one thing the Facebook ad network shares with Googles AdWords and that is the fact that the algorithm and hence the rules for success change frequently. Therefore most of us in the social media marketing game are left in a constant state of learning new changes, and testing ideas and tactics to discover and confirm what will produce the best outcomes for campaigns we manage, therefore keeping our clients happy and selling on social media marketing platforms such as Facebook.

So, what can the guys and girls from our Social Media Marketing team share with you about Facebook ads? Have a read of the below to discover our top tips:

Targeting rules the roost

Ever heard of the saying there’s no use having a watering hole in the dessert if no one knows where it is? The same rule applies here. It’s all well and good to have gone and spent the time crafting incredible copy, and procuring awesome images for your ads, however if you’re targeting the wrong people with those ads, then that effort was a waste, and all that time and output was only for an invoice from Facebook. Targeting is critical to your success. Probably the most critical item for you to be aware of and nail.

Custom or bespoke audiences are awesome: Import email or phone number lists and deliver a pin point accurate message to a very specific group of Facebook users. This can also be used by Social Media Marketing experts based on conversion and/or site tags for great results. And, here’s a tip, don’t forget the power of lookalike audiences based on your custom audiences or conversion/site tags. This is often overlooked and is a mine of opportunities.

Looking at it now, Facebook’s targeting features have continued to evolve and mature. What started with only interests now includes partner categories, demographics (including job titles, industry, and ethnicity etc) ALONG WITH behavior-based targeting.

And keep in mind, the ad set is the leader of the pack. This is where targeting must reside – audience, interests, devices, and ad placement segmentation. Many get this wrong.

Creative, creative, creative

Once you have your targeting nailed, if you can the creative just right, you are looking at some pretty amazing results.

As you have probably heard, a picture speaks a thousand words, and this couldn’t be more true than on Facebook and Facebook ads. Get the image right, which is quite a bit harder than it sounds, and you’ll likely experience success. Get it wrong, and you’ll likely waste cash on the ad campaign. Here’s some tips for images – restrict text to about 20 percent or less.

Stay with your brand guidelines. Now, take another look at the image, a really good look. Does convey your core message? Is the image going to get the right response? Does it reflect what you are trying to say?

Facebook ads are very different to Google AdWords. A Facebook desktop newsfeed ad has three text entry points – headline, link description, and body text. Ad copy, and testing of ad copy and ads is complex and should be handled by only experienced social media marketing specialists if you are looking for great results. It’s a bit of a minefield and there’s plenty of places you can be tripped up if you don’t know exactly how to navigate this aspect of Facebook ad creation.

Does Facebook work for direct marketing? Yes.

There’s no shortage of proof available. Facebook Ads produce sales. Many people still believe Facebook is still only relevant for engagement or branding. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Facebook drives conversions.

Campaign Objectives in Facebook Ads is extremely powerful and an incredible tool. By outlining objective you can determine the types of targeting and ad units available to your campaign. However keep in mind, once these are set, they cannot be changed. In addition to setting up your objectives you can use automated bids to boost conversions and sales based on rules such as cost-per-acquisition, or cost-per-action, etc. Automated bidding however should be reserved for Social Media
Marketing experts only. This is a tricky aspect of Facebook Ads and needs expertise and understanding.

As you see, there’s a never ending well of opportunity with Facebook Ads. Just be sure to team up with a reliable Facebook advertising company or social media advertising company to help guide you through the campaign.

Think you could do with some Social Media Marketing help, or wondering how Social Media Marketing might generate more sales for your business? Contact our Social Media Experts in Melbourne today to discuss how to make the most of Social Media Advertising.

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