Magento - Leader in eCommerce Platforms

With some of the World’s leading brands now using Magento as their eCommerce platform, it makes sense that when considering eCommerce Web Development Services that you review Magento and how it might fit with the needs of your organisation’s online strategy.

A recent survey of businesses validated by eBay, Amazon, and Google found that 57% believed commerce is rapidly shifting from offline to online. With this in mind, selection of the right platform is more crucial than ever.

We have selected just a few of our favourite features from the Enterprise Edition of Magento and why it’s a well deserved leader in the eCommerce platform space.

1. Default Solr Search Available

A fast open source customizable search engine that can provide the following:

  • Tips if a search term doesn’t return a result
  • Attribute-based relevancy weighting
  • Search for localized characters
  • Return results based on delimiters

2. Full Page Caching  and Faster Re-indexing

A crucial aspect of an eCommerce site is fast page load times. Don’t make customers wait. Magento Enterprise provides full page caching instead of collating pages dynamically while loading. This decreases load time and bounce rate.

Magento Enterprise is 80% faster than Magento Community when it comes to re-indexing meaning new products or categories added to the site don’t have to wait for it to be added and stored before moving forward. Even if there is more than one person making changes to products, the flow continues unhindered, which aids in testing new modules or tailoring the store according to specific needs without creating new obstacles to be overcome.

3. Backup and Rollback Service

Backup options and features in Magento Enterprise are well regarded in the industry, and reversing any changes is simple via the rollback option.

4. Custom Coupons, Reviews and Awards

This system is a user-centric one based on the belief that a store’s credibility lies in its ability to lure customers back whilst winning new ones. The integration of awards and custom coupons are a key aspect of this motto.

5. Multiple Administrator Roles for Different Websites

You can operate multiple eCommerce stores with a single administrative dashboard. With the added benefit of being able to segment and manage content easily. With content management and multi-manager benefits, Magento Enterprise provides ease of handling.

6. In-built RMA system

For a clearer and user-specific experience, Magento offers Return Material Authorization functionality. Along with easy buying, shipping and tracking the return of products is an equally important part of user experience. RMA informs customers on the status of this process in a sensible, effective way.

7. PCI compliant Code for Secure Payments

Keeping customer date safe is critical for eCommerce systems. Magento handles this professionally and effectively.

Magento is a proven leader in eCommerce platforms. If you are considering taking an offline business online, or wish to enhance an existing online presence, get in touch with our Magento Development Team to discuss your project.

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