Google has updated its documented ranking systems page, removing four ranking systems from its list. Google has removed the page experience system from the main list, not adding it to the retired list, and removed mobile-friendly ranking, page speed, and secure sites systems from the retired list.

Here are the ranking updates/systems that were removed from the list:

  • Page experience system
  • Mobile-friendly ranking system
  • Page speed system
  • Secure sites system

Why did Google remove it? Google has said it was dropping page experience as it’s more of a concept of sorts rather than an actual ranking system.

Google’s FAQs on that specifically wrote, “Page experience signals had been listed as Core Web Vitals, mobile-friendly, HTTPS and no intrusive interstitials. Are these signals still used in search rankings? While not all of these may be directly used to inform ranking, we do find that all of these aspects of page experience align with success in search ranking, and are worth attention.”

Google added, “What does this mean for the “page experience update”? The page experience update was a concept to describe a set of key page experience aspects for site owners to focus on. In particular, it introduced Core Web Vitals as a new signal that our core ranking systems considered, along with other page experience signals such as HTTPS that they’d already been considering. It was not a separate ranking system, and it did not combine all these signals into one single “page experience” signal.”

What do you think?

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