Welcome to a faster mobile web.

It’s only Tuesday, and Google has had a huge week already. In addition to killing off Right Hand Side Ads and shutting down its comparison service, Google has also launched its Accelerated Mobile Pages project.

Google previously told us AMP would be here “late February”, however we have started seeing results with a little AMP icon today.

The AMP project is an open source initiative which aims to improve the performance of the mobile web. AMP pages are a stripped-down version of the mobile web which runs on a reinvented version of HTML.

Google has stated that a page created with AMP HTML can load anywhere from 15 to 85% faster than the non-AMP version of that page.

What this means for users is a much faster mobile web, and for publishers using AMP a likely boost in search rankings, as site speed and mobile friendliness are both vital for user experience, and on Googles radar.

Google tags AMP pages with an AMP and little lightning bolt, which is interesting as we don’t believe many users not connected to Online Marketing automatically understanding the label and what it means.

It’s an exciting development and one sure to help improve the mobile web.

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