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The simple answer; very. These days a basic website layout won’t cut it. With the high level of competition regarding websites, users have easy access at their fingertips to find what they are looking for. This means style and appearance has become the main focus when trying to boost web traffic. This is where professional web design in Melbourne plays a very important role.

A website layout should be intelligently designed. Users need to be able to easily navigate through each web page, no matter how tech savvy they are. If your users are able to easily navigate through each web page but it is lacking style or is not visually appealing, then your users will find another website, so a basic template isn’t going to get you too far. This is where working with a professional web design company is going to get you better results.

At Newpath Web, we incorporate a web design approach that believes that websites should drive leads, deeper engagement, and most importantly, sales. By working closely with your business, we will understand exactly what your goals are, long and short-term, who your target customers are and why they are using your service.

Armed with this information we will create a web design strategy that is specifically tailor-made to your exact business requirements. We will understand exactly what areas need improving, whether it is design, layout, the eCommerce component or all of the above and work towards a solution that will deliver maximum results.

Our services also include a UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) design team who can ensure that your website is engaging from the very start and also holds your user’s attention. A successful website needs to look professional, be easy to navigate, be easily updated, have a consistent tone and be SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) optimised.

Here at Newpath Web we also offer SEO services to ensure that your website is naturally incorporating targeted keywords that are significant to your business in order to increase your search ranking, which leads to increased customers. No matter how big or small your business may be, we have over ten years of experience working with clients from a wide range of sizes to deliver effective results.

Having a website that catches your users’ interest and then effectively holds onto it as they navigate through each page is key to driving the web traffic to your website. We also have a mobile app design team that can create unique and user-friendly eCommerce apps as well. Mobile apps share the same rule as website design; if it is boring or isn’t easy to navigate, then your users will leave.

So, for professional web design in Melbourne, get in contact with Newpath Web, a leading web design company in Melbourne.

You can visit our website for more information on the extensive range of services we provide or contact one of our friendly staff at 1300 761 806. Start seeing a boost in your web traffic with our services at Newpath Web.

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