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In early 2021, there were just over 2.2 million apps available for download on the App Store. With numbers like this, standing out in the iOS application development crowd can seem near impossible. Even if your app idea seems unique and well-executed, there’s likely a hundred others offering similar features and functionality.

So, how do you go about ensuring that the software you’ve put considerable time and effort into is fully appreciated by your target audience? Achieving this is a balance between ensuring the app is fully functional and user-friendly while also investing resources into marketing and advertising. It would be nice to think that a well-developed app will attract attention on its own merits. Unfortunately, as is the case with most things, it’s basically guaranteed that you’ll need to give the software a little push along if it is to catch the eye of potential customers.

Having your app featured by Apple’s App Store is a huge coup. The App Store highlights apps that Apple’s own developers think are particularly well-made or will bring genuine value to users’ lives. It’s essentially a tick of approval from the people who built the iOS system. The weight of that tick means it’s not easy to obtain, but it’s certainly a goal worth striving for by all mobile app development teams.

What Apple considers

In their own words:

‘The App Store has a global team focused on helping users discover and engage with apps and games that fit their needs. Campaigns and programs are created to help, inform, and inspire users while also helping you drive downloads and redownloads. Our worldwide team of editors curates selections on the App Store for each Apple platform in order to help your app or game get in front of the right users, in the right places, at the right times’

To achieve this goal, Apple considers a number of different factors when deciding on what apps to feature. These include:

UI design: UI, or user interface, design refers to the visual appeal of your application. It goes without saying that your design should be clean and engaging. More isn’t necessarily better, with minimal designs often being rewarded by Apple.

UX: Users should have absolutely no uncertainty or confusion when engaging with your app. The entire user journey should be cohesive and easy to navigate.

Innovation: Above all, Apple hopes that developers will take their technology and create something truly special with it. If you can demonstrate innovation to solve a particular problem or bring entertainment to people, you’ll be duly rewarded.

Uniqueness: With so many apps out there, Apple has to work quite hard to highlight apps that are different. Uniqueness is hard to define, but it’s a highly sought after attribute and will instantly draw the attention of their editors.

Accessibility: All users should be able to navigate your application, regardless of any visual, auditory, or physical disability they may have. An accessible app is a good app.

Localisation: The world is nowhere near as American-centric as it used to be. These days, you can’t get away with building one version of an app and hoping that people worldwide will react the same, positive way. Localise your language, cultural references, and content for maximum engagement.

App Store product page: Think of your product page as the packaging for your app. Quality is very important, as is including all of the information your users will need to make an informed decision before downloading. Include screenshots, app previews, descriptions, ratings, and reviews.

Newpath Web — industry leaders in mobile app development

Here at Newpath Web, we’ve built high-quality, functional apps for clients across a wide variety of industries. We understand all aspects of the mobile app development cycle, from initial brainstorming to marketing and advertising.

As a full digital services agency, you and your app will benefit from access to a wide range of professionals. Our development team can help choose the right operating system; our design experts will produce state-of-the-art visuals and our digital marketing gurus can harness their knowledge of SEO and PPC to ensure your app is launched with a bang.

Being featured on the App Store is no small task. Even if you follow all of Apple’s guidelines, the sheer number of apps out there means you might struggle to attain this recognition. However, the guidelines are still an excellent blueprint against which to plan your iOS application development process. Creating an app that is user-friendly, accessible, and innovative ensures your customers will find real value in what you have built, regardless of whether Apple choses to highlight your work.

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