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One of the hot topics in digital marketing in Australia for 2018 is content syndication. People have spent far too long not getting enough out of their content, whether it’s blog posts that go unloved, infographics that are never appreciated or high-level strategic documents that remain unopened in users’ inboxes. Content syndication in Australia is an attempt to improve this situation.

The reach of your brand communication is directly related to the amount of engagement you receive. In 2018, all brands are working on some form of content marketing strategy, but most are struggling to get significant numbers reading their articles.

Content syndication looks to disseminate your content across a wide variety of high-traffic websites. While this service requires on-going subscription costs, the opportunity to get your brand knowledge and reputation out there is worth the cost.

Should You Pursue Content Syndication?

There is a range of reasons that can support your decision to pursue content syndication in Australia and we’ve listed a few below.

What Are Your Objectives and Strategy?

Understanding what you are looking to accomplish with your digital marketing strategy, as well as what your overall strategy actually is, is critical to understanding whether content syndication is right for your business.

If your site looks to drive regular, repeat visits, with little-to-no engagement, there may be alternate solutions to look at content dissemination. Alternatively, if your website strives to achieve increasing levels of engagement and lead generation, then content syndication is ideal.

Additionally, just because you understand your objectives, you need to be regularly creating content for syndication to be appropriate. If your team is organised and are consistently and routinely creating high-quality and relevant content, then syndication is highly appropriate. But if you’re not (seriously, it’s 2018), you really should start working on that.

Who Is Your Audience?

While content marketing strategies are a part of digital marketing in 2018, you still need to understand whether this is an existing need for highly-visible content from your company. Content marketing is critical towards keeping your website active and up to date, but that doesn’t mean you should be spending money to share your content.

Alternatively, recognising that your content may have extended opportunities to alternate audiences means that you can pull in new users through the use of content syndication. Reviewing your current, potential and desired audiences can offer a lot of insight into the most appropriate content strategy for your brand.

Where Are The Right Websites For Your Business?

While content syndication relies on content discovery networks like Outbrain or Taboola, you need to know which websites are included in each network. Aligning the appeal of each network of websites and the appropriateness of them to your business can provide effective content syndication.

Additionally, with each network offering their own monitoring and management platforms, you need to consider your level of skill in being able to handle these appropriately. If you believe that you’ll not get the information required, then perhaps you need to find an alternate network.

Content Syndication is the Next Big Thing in Content Marketing

Your website must continue to innovate in the digital space. It’s not enough to simply have a digital presence, passive to the greater user base; you must pursue them and push your business to them. Content syndication in Australia is an ideal way to promote relevant content to potential users, highlighting your brand’s knowledge base and reputation while still encouraging leads and building a user base.

With over ten years’ experience as a full-service digital agency, talk to Newpath web today about how we can assist with your content syndication in any manner, from content creation through to managing your campaign.

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