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Kentico is one of the leading CMS platforms available, rich in features and flexible enough to fully accommodate custom requirements. It’s integrated marketing solutions make it one of the easiest and most cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes, and one of the only CMS platforms that’s fully integrated across ASP.NET, eCommerce and online marketing. So whether you’re building a website, online store, intranet or Web 2.0 community sites, Kentico is your all-in-one content management system.

The following five benefits outline why this CMS is the leading solution for Kentico professional developers Melbourne:

  1. Ease of Use: Kentico is incredibly user-friendly, meaning users can easily edit, publish and update their site quickly, and without difficulty. Therefore, once Kentico professional developers Melbourne build your site, you can easily make changes without an expert understanding of website development.
  2. 24 x 7 Support: This widely used CMS platform offers round the clock support, with 24 x 7 phone and email help available to all clients. Better yet, all Kentico support engineers work in-house, so you’ll never be stuck talking to someone without a thorough understanding of the product. What’s more, Kentico has a policy that detects bugs within a seven-day period.
  3. Highly Customisable: Kentico has a huge number of features that allow users to easily customise their site in accordance with business and sales goals. Features include customisable forms, page templates, responsive designs, as well as customisable data tables and checkout processes.
  4. Open API: With an open API (Application Programming Interface) usable in .NET code, users can create their own web parts, modules, event handlers, providers and a multitude of other extensions in order to best achieve online goals.
  5. Secure: Kentico is a secure platform for your website, meaning you never have to worry about your website being hacked, or information being leaked. In fact, every new version of Kentico undergoes intense security testing by Kentico professional developers Melbourne, who are experts in writing security codes and using tools for identifying possible security threats. 

Newpath WEB is a certified Kentico website developer, experienced in web development projects large and small.  Get in touch with one of our web development experts today by calling 1300 761 806



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