With almost 90,000 active websites using it, Magento is the fastest growing eCommerce platform currently available. As a result of their growth, Magento have become one of the most well recognised brands within the eCommerce industry and have secured a large community following, and for good reason given the quality of the platform.

For eCommerce there’s few products that match it’s quality, and inclusions, and along with being a very robust CMS, it also offers user-friendly solutions and is open-source software available absolutely free for the base license.

Where the majority of online eCommerce platforms only allow a site to have a single online store, Magenta allows a company to run multiple stores from the same backend interface. Furthermore, Magenta also allows all of these stores to me managed on the same admin panel, therefore, making the eCommerce platform more user friendly.

Advanced features such as multiple images of a product, zoom-in capability, and product reviews are some of the things that make Magento user-friendly. All working toward enhancing the shopping experience for the user.

Magento has a simplified ordering process that will assist in achieving great results for your eCommerce store. Magento website development allows you to edit, create, view, and fulfill orders from the easy to use Magento admin interface. From multiple invoices to multiple mailing addresses, there are several features that the Magento CMS offers. Users can also view full history of their transactions with your line store.

A critical factor in managing an eCommerce site is to regularly track the site. This helps you understand the overall performance of the store. There is a useful set of reports that gets you tax reports, abandoned shopping cart report, best viewed products report, best purchased report, etc.

Another key area that any business needs to give ample importance is marketing. Magento not only helps in sales and revenue generation, but also has powerful tools such as Up-Sells and Cross-Sells that encourage the user to buy more products. The URLs are also search engine friendly which is great for marketing. With flexible pricing rules, attracting customers gets a lot easier.

Magento can be easily integrated with a lot of major third-party sites such as Google. Similarly, Magento is also supported by some of the most popular payment gateways such as PayPal as well as major shipping companies including Aus Post and UPS.

As Magento is a particularly feature-rich ecommerce platform, it has many specialised tools and features which are often absent in alternative programs. Magento recognises a range of international currencies as well as allowing visitors to review products and create a wish list.

Magento offers its users a high degree of customisation. This allows a store to develop their company branding and make their website appear more unique and, therefore, more memorable to potential or existing users.

As one of the newer eCommerce platforms, Magento has developed on the strengths and weaknesses of earlier alternatives in order to create a shopping cart platform that exceeds similar products.


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