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Newpath WEB AdWords Spotlight: “Solar Power”

While on my way to work one morning recently an ad on social media for solar power systems got me thinking just how competitive this industry has become in recent years. I decided to analyse the keywords “Solar power” and what I found was quite surprising. With an estimated cost-per-click (CPC) of around $12.16 and 9,900 searches per month, there’s no doubt that “Solar power” is a valuable keyword.

I started with a search using the term “Solar Power”.

On first glance, the search results showed me what I expected, including a mix of major solar power brands and niche providers in the industry. However on deeper inspection, I began to notice significant areas for concern with many of the ads, and websites. Considering those bidding for this keyword are spending around $12 a click, they were making expensive mistakes. 

I decided to write a review of the companies appearing on the first page for this keyword, and give insights into where I believe they are doing it right, wrong or could make changes to enhance the quality of their campaigns and thus increase their sales, and reduce their cost per conversion. 

#1 Solahart

SolaHart is the top ranked ad, indicating they are bidding a significant amount and are likely to have a high quality score (and therefore a high click-through-rate), or an amalgamation of both. The advert copy is of a good standard but is utilising a bad headline. Instead of ‘Solar Power’ as a keyword, the generic keyword ‘solar’ is used in the headline. In the first line of copy they have added “Get up to $500 Cash Back”, in order to attract customers to click the ad in to find out more about the solar power combo offers. However, on the landing page we can’t find the offer on the top of the page – where it should be. Then, w find ‘Cash back redemption –Feb/March Promo’ meaning the offer has expired, but is still present on the site, which will leave to an increase in bounce rate and definitely a lower conversion rate for the ad.

The phone number is being displayed correctly on the top of the page with the prominent ‘Call Now 1300 721 984’. The banner headline ‘Go Solar and Get $400* Trade In’ with a call to action ‘click to save’ leading directly to the contact us form page however is a little incorrect. Ideally, this offer should be added in the ad copy description in line 1.

SolaHart do not have any Ad Extensions visible in the ad. This doesn’t mean they aren’t set up (as Google decides when to show them) however the ad could be improved by adding Review Extensions, Call Extensions, Location Extensions & Callout Extensions. All of which would boost the ads quality and likely conversion rate.

Apply for interest free* finance online, will increase conversion rates with a good call to action ‘Apply Online’ being used. However the Cash Back Redemption – Feb/March Promo ad still being active is a no no, which will lead to an increase in bounce rate and lower conversion rates for the ads.

The image in use for “happy customers” isn’t the best choice. The look on the lady’s face is strained, or possibly concerned. Happy customers would be smiling. 

Using the websites home page as the landing page for ads confuses the user by taking them to the wrong page. 

Suggestions on how to improve the performance of this  campaign:

• Deliver a consistent message

• Create a separate landing page with a clear value proposition for your ads

• Test advert copy as per my suggestions

• Add Review, Call, Location & Callout Extensions

• Need to add content and clear ‘call to action’ in the landing page above and below the fold

#2 SMA India  


The SMA India is a very generic ad based on the brand name only with a supporting statement (Ad Copy) that makes little sense to the average searcher. This ad leads to the websites home page, where you are presented with solar power solutions for homes, field plants, residential and commercial buildings and more, with no separate landing pages.


When you click on one of the above options for plants or buildings, you are shown products listed with a short description. There’s a noticeable lack of a call to action, and no contact info highlighted on the page.

Suggestions on how to improve the performance of this  campaign:

• Create a separate CRO based landing page with content in it.

• Target and add ‘solar power’ keyword in the ad headline.

• Add call, site-link and location extensions in the ad.

• Add your USP in the ad description

• Include any offer/discounts to increase incentive

• Add a clear call to action in such a way so that the user is prompted to take an immediate action

• Add privacy policy and security links in the page to build user trust.

#3 Australian Solar Quotes

“Australian Solar Quotes” is a company which allows the user to compare the market and get 3 quotes from 5 star rated solar companies. They are using the word ‘Best’ in the ad headline, then leading to a landing page linked to a third-party review with 5 star reviews. This increases the relevancy of the ad and builds user trust, which is great and helps to improve the CTR of the ad. They are also sharing information from recent quote requests such as “Helen from Werai, NSW asked for 3 solar panel quotes 14 mins ago”. The ad is using great callout extensions such as ‘save 25% on solar power’ and ‘Get 3 solar quotes now’. They have also added social and sitelink extensions in their ad copy. I would recommend they also add location, review and call extensions as this will boost conversions.

They make use of good calls to action on their landing page, which will help increase the conversion rate:

• Save money in 30 seconds.

• Save thousands of dollars today.

• Get 3 free quotes.

Page load time however is an issue. The site takes 5.22 seconds to load. This is a little on the slow side and needs some attention to get it down near or under 2 seconds. 

Suggestions on how to improve the performance of this  campaign:

• Add Call and review Extensions.

• Create a separate landing page with minimal to no additional navigation, other than ‘Get 3 Free Quotes’ link.

• Improve ad copy to better qualify people clicking the ad.

• Reduce page/site load time.


#4 The Solar Warehouse

The Solar warehouse ad is a classic ad. It has a pretty simple headline and implies they’re on the cheaper side. They mention you can get a bigger discount by buying in bulk. This could possibly lead to confusion, as many searchers wont know what they need, and thus have no idea if they need to buy a single unit, or multiple/bulk. This could lead to a lower CTR. 

There’s no call to action or special offers. There’s spacing errors in the ad and no ad extensions have been included.

I’d suggest the use of the following ad instead:

Innovative Solar Panels Inverters, Mounting & Electricals. Competitive Prices. Shop Now!

The landing page has a good quality banner but fails to capitalise due to no call to action above the fold.

Suggestions on how to improve the performance of this  campaign:

• Create a separate landing page and minimise or remove all other navigation.

• Target and add the ‘solar power’ keyword in the ad headline.

• Remove spacing errors in the ad and also add a call to action.

• If required include the word ‘wholesaler’ in the ad description line instead of ad headline.

• You should add privacy policy, security and testimonials to the landing page to build user trust.

• Add a clear call to action on the landing page and in the ad.

#5 Clear Energy Finance Corporation

This ad certainly stood out from the others due to it’s title of “Renewable Energy” despite my search for Solar Power. This company is an internationally recognized brand for solar financing transactions. The ad looks like a simple sentence rather than an enticing call to action. The first letter of each word should have been capitalised along with the key points or offers included. There is no call to action in the ad. They need to place a call to action and contact number on the landing page.

The ad is targeted at  with ‘renewable energy’ as the headline whereas if they target as their landing page with ‘Solar power’ as a headline I believe they would receive enhanced targeted results as it would increase ad relevancy with increased CTR and a good quality score.

Suggestions on how to improve the performance of this  campaign:

• Target  the solar landing page as mentioned above and add ‘solar power’ as a keyword in the ad headline.

• Add a clear call to action should be added above the fold.

• Highlights should be shared above the fold.

• Contact form or contact no. should also be displayed prominently.

#6 Automotion plus

This ad is ambiguous far too generic. Keep in mind the cost per click when bidding on the keyword ‘Solar power’. You want to avoid wasted clicks. And this ad is setup for exactly that – wasted clicks. The ad isn’t pitching a service for powered gates. Totally unrelated to the subject matter and search term. 

This ad will lead to lower CTR and a lower quality score. 

The landing page isn’t relevant to the search term. This will lead to a high bounce rate. One thing I’d split test is swapping out the second line ‘Buy Solar Products Online.’ with “Buy Sliding Gate Opener Trade Kit.” targeting the landing page URL:

Suggestions on how to improve the performance of this  campaign:

• Add sitelink, call and callout ad extensions.

• Target solar landing page and add ‘solar power’ keyword in the ad headline.

• Add a clear call to action on the top of the page (Buy Now).

• Share offers or discounts in the ad and landing pages.

• Modify your ad lines.

#7 Make in India

An irrelevant ad, at position #7. The site isn’t focused on Solar Power at all. I assume they are bidding on the keyword ‘power’ with a broad match meaning they can pick up any keyword in a search rather than the entire search term (Solar Power). This ad is an excellent example of a poorly executed strategy, that’s wasting money and clicks. 

Suggestions on how to improve the performance of this  campaign:

• Review all keywords in use, with a focus on relevance

• Consider your audience

• Create better ads with a clear call to action.

#8 Mother Ship Marine

Another ad with next to no relevancy. Though there is some connection between the ad/eventual product for sale and the search term, it’s a stretch to climb from “solar Power” to houseboats powered by Solar. This ad will be wasting money on useless clicks, increasing bounce rate, and utilizing valuable marketing budget on wasted visits. 

Suggestions on how to improve the performance of this  campaign:

• Review your keywords, ads, ad copy and audience

• Create good ads with a clear call to action.

#9 Solar Heroes Australia

Brand name displayed as solar experts in the headline, and they have a partial match domain which will help improve their click-through-rate. But the ad doesn’t have a call to action. If someone in their target market is searching for solar power, they likely don’t know what solar power energy is, so the ad they are currently using doesn’t qualify them enough.

Here’s an ad I would have liked to see instead:

Solar Heroes Australia

Solar Power Installations. Expert Advice.

Contact Us Today!

Unfortunately the home page is not as impressive as the name is. There’s little structure, no display and no form or call to action. Contact number should be displayed on the top or if live chat option is available then also displayed on the top of the page. 

The packages page should indicate at the very least an idea of  prices for the packages pitched. 

Suggestions on how to improve the performance of this  campaign:

• A big ask, but warranted – I’d suggest a new website with a fresh new look and feel.

• As they have many office locations in Australia, they should use location extensions also.

• Contact form should be displayed on each and every landing page with a clear call to action.

• They should use split tests for ads

• More suitable and vibrant banner images.

#10 Tuv-e3.Com

Out of all the ads in the search results, this is one of only two that caught my eye and the one I’d likely click despite it being displayed at 10th position.

The headline says exactly what they offer in the landing page. They build credibility and trust by also sharing news, training info, videos and an infographic with important facts and information at a glance.

They have a good match of content and images on the landing page. As mentioned in the ad they provide third-party comprehensive certification services. This ad is simple but quite relevant to the industry and their offerings on their landing pages are relevant to the keyword, which will help them with a good click-through-rate. They have shared their disclaimer on their website with clear terms and conditions.

Suggestions on how to improve the performance of this  campaign:

• Add a call to action on the landing page. 

• Remove irrelevant links on the landing page to minimise distraction

• Add testimonials on the landing page to enhance user trust.

• Have the Google ad removed from your video.

#11 Boss Solar

This website and ad is related to mainly Solar Pool heating. For this ad, the landing page is not correct, it should be instead. The ad description shows they are an Australian manufacturer of next generation solar as displayed on the website home page.

I would suggest the ad should be this instead:

Australian Solar Panels

Need a quick system installation?

15 Year Warranty, Contact Now!

They have good product range for Solar Systems, Solar Collectors, Solar Components and Commercial Solar solutions. They have over 20 years Industry Experience and expertise and ensure Optimal Efficiency and Effectiveness at a Highly Affordable price. They provide 15 years warranty also. But no contact us or call to action on the home page.

Suggestions on how to improve the performance of this  campaign:

• Include Add Extensions.

• Improve the ad copy or use split testing.

• Make use of clear calls to action 

• Check relevancy of the ad to improve quality score and CTR.

So who is doing the best?

In my opinion, I think  ‘Australian Solar Quotes’ has the best overall strategy and implementation, however I believe there is a lack of robust, high quality competition for the keyword “solar power” with no ads I saw doing what I would term as an amazing job. This obviously suggests there is huge potential for a company that wishes to storm this keyword and dominate with great results and campaign performance.


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Please note: I have not been in touch with representatives from these brands and haven’t logged into their AdWords accounts, hence I don’t have a complete picture of what each of these companies are trying to achieve online, what they have already tested, and what their current challenges are. The advice I have provided in this article is based entirely on what I can see online, and how I would optimise their AdWords campaigns based on what we’ve found successful for other clients.

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