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Do you need a quick, reliable way to drive targeted traffic to your website? Are you interested in understanding what options are available? There’s no shortage of Online Marketing Services these days, so below we will outline the key options available to help you better understand what might work best for your business.

Social Advertising

Businesses have become very aware of just how successful advertising on social platforms can be, and are taking up this option in significant numbers. Social advertising come in a variety of forms and channels, with the most frequent being LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Facebook.

Each has their own specific benefit, and target audience. It’s worth getting up to speed on where and why you would use one over another, and what the advantages are.

Search Engine Marketing (AdWords/PPC)

Search Engine Marketing, also known as AdWords or PPC (Pay Per Click) has been around as we all know for quite a few years now and is immensely popular and rewarding. In nutshell, companies setup a series of ads, and then pay for each click they receive on those ads.

Display Ads

There are vast variations of display ads, including banner ads pop-up ads, floating ads, and expanding ads.  Display ads almost always tend to make use of pictures, logos, videos, animation, and other types of graphics which are there to be eye catching and draw a prospective customer in.

Email Lists

Is quite possibly the oldest of the lot here, however still hugely successful, and has evolved over the years to some incredibly complex options and systems available. Essentially, this is all about being able to build a list of users either current clients, past clients or new prospective customers you’d like to make a connection with, and emailing them good quality content that will drive a discussion.


A significant ingredient in what has become known as content marketing. Blogging is a popular method of creating and promoting content focused on the product or service you offer. Blogs add a personal touch to a business, allowing potential customers to see who you are beyond the business owner and sales messages. Blogs also give readers the opportunity to provide feedback and become a part of an ongoing discussion.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Unlike AdWords/PPC, an SEO company will perform a series of tasks both on and off your website on a monthly basis to rank your website for certain keywords in what are known as the “organic results” in Google and other search engines. You don’t pay on a per click basis, but instead just a flat monthly fee for all the traffic you can get to your site based on the work they do for you. The higher you’re ranking for the keywords, the greater the performance of the campaign.

If you’re looking to promote your business online, Newpath WEB can guide you through the many Online Marketing Services options available. Contact our Online Marketing team today for a chat.

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