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Google is a constantly evolving beast. They experiment with so many different product offerings and variations, that it can be hard to keep track of all the changes. While we’ve previously discussed Mobile-First indexing and the ongoing changes to the Google search engine algorithm, it’s equally important to realise that AdWords’ PPC (Pay Per Click) is frequently changing as well.

Unlike their algorithm, Google loves to tell you all the new PPC features they’ve rolled out, but it can be hard to find the little nuggets of helpful information.

So, as a Google AdWords Certified Agency, Newpath WEB has highlighted below some useful changes designed to maximise the results of your pay per click campaign and also give you a little nudge to experiment and try out Google AdWords.

Pay Per Click Improvement #1 – Click-To-Message Ads

Interaction and conversion are the most important parts of any pay per click campaign. Having your ad in high-ranking positions on Google is all well and good, but if people don’t click or engage in some way, it’s useless.

Rolled out in October 2016, click-to-message ads brought texting to AdWords. While click-to-call functionality has been a part of Google’s master plan for some time, recognising that many users are more likely to text than to call, they have created an extension that gives users an easier way to engage with your brand. In fact, according to businesses interviewed by Google, click-to-message makes it 80% easier for customers to contact.

Pay Per Click Improvement #2 – Similar Audiences for Remarketing

Remarketing, or advertising to consumers who have already visited your website but didn’t engage with it, is a growing part of Google’s pay per click ad structure, and it’s something to seriously consider for any businesses. But, remarketing has been limited by the requirement for people to have previously visited your site.

Well, just this month, Google announced they would be launching Similar Audience tools for remarketing campaigns. This allows highly effective ads be shown to customers searching for similar phrases as your existing remarketing target audience. Google finds the right customers based on their search terms which, according to Google, can lead to more than a 20% increase in conversions. It’s now easier to reach different customers, and should be enough of a reason to give remarketing a go.

Pay Per Click Improvement #3 – Expanded Close Variant Matching

Keywords are the bedrock of any pay per click campaign. If you don’t know what your customers are searching for, you’ve no hope of attracting them with your AdWords. But keywords are difficult to pick because (for the longest time) AdWords rarely budged from exact match functionality, meaning customers would have to search the EXACT phrase that you were targeting otherwise it wouldn’t show.

However, in March 2017, Google announced they were expanding close variant matching to include rewording and reordering. Focusing on different positioning and uses of function words (the, for, in, a, from, to, etc.), as well as entire reordering of keyword phrases, Google is making it easier for your keywords to reach their intended target audiences.

So don’t be afraid of looking at one version of a phrase for your pay per click campaign, because Google is smart enough to know what you mean and what you want from that keyword.

As a Certified AdWords partner, Newpath WEB delivers exceptional pay per click in Melbourne. Find out more about our pay per click services, or get in contact with us today!

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