Mobile App Development – Points to Consider

As specialist iOS, Windows and Android Mobile Developers, we will in this post look at 7 things you should carefully consider before developing your first mobile app.

1. Which platform?

Many people will say it’s obvious – go for the iPhone. However before you jump straight onto the iOS bandwagon because a few mates told you to do so, it will be worth your while considering the other mobile app platforms and if they need to be included in the mix for your first mobile app project:

  • iOS – Apple
  • Android
  • Windows Mobile
  • Blackberry

There’s no escaping the fact that Apple is the dominant player. Whilst Android & Apple have a tug of war over the greatest penetration in the mobile device market (in terms of sales) Apple leads the competition by some distance when it comes to their app store in terms of number of apps available for download, and actual number of downloads.

However, this dominance should not be your criteria for selecting iOS alone. You must consider your customers and desired audience. Do they have a spread/mix of devices? Are they typically Gen Y or Gen X or a mix of both? Are they 100% business users, or are they located in a specific geographic area etc? If you’re not sure, consider surveying your audience to find out.

2. Don’t run before you can walk

Consider engaging an iOS App Developer or an Android App developer to first build for one platform. Get that right, and then expand to the next platform and so on.

3. Who will design and build your mobile app?

It’s probably reasonable to assume you don’t have the skills in house to design and develop a mobile app? So you’ll need to find a mobile application developer that you can partner with to assist. Look for a partner that preferably has skills and proven expertise as not only an Android App Developer or Apple/iOS App Developer but also has skills across Blackberry and also Windows Mobile app development platforms. Pricing for mobile apps ranges from approx. $5,000 ex GST for the most basic of apps to over 1 million dollars for complex mobile applications that have multiple functions. Find a partner that suits your business type, will give you the time you need, is offering sensible pricing and most importantly has the required mobile application development experience with projects they can show you to prove this.

4. Fools rush in

Don’t rush. It’s absolutely crucial that you create a feature set that’s right for what you need the app to do. So many companies rush app development projects and end up with a forsaken app that no one likes or uses. Build a mobile app that excites and engages your customers, or if it’s a practical based app, then make sure it’s functional, user friendly and not overly complicated with features that aren’t required.

5. Consistency across your brand

If you already have a website or digital presence, it makes sense to maintain brand consistency across platforms into your mobile app. Don’t confuse users by changing their experience of your website to what they’ll see and interact with in your app.

6. Have a roadmap

Apps need updating much the same as websites and other software products do. However the frequency of the updates is specific to each product. For instance, generally speaking you wouldn’t update your app as often as you do your website. Create a mobile app roadmap that clearly identifies and prioritises future features and functionality.

7. Measure

Don’t fall into the trap of working with iOS or Android Mobile Developers to launch a great app to then never look at the extensive amount of information and analytics you can pull from an app. Just the same as your website, you should ensure you have full analytics on your mobile app. As an absolute minimum be sure to track the following:

  • Number of app downloads
  • Number of app removals
  • Number of app starts
  • Average usage time
  • Order analytics such as number of orders, and the average order value
  • Where the app is being used (GPS data)

We hope this helps you get started with your next iOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows Mobile App Development Project.

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