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No one wants to be stuck with a boatload of content sitting on their website that doesn’t ever really do anything for them. It’s like having all the gold in the world but nothing to spend it on.

While content marketing is becoming more and more important for any digital marketing campaign, it still relies on active promotion on your company’s behalf. What everyone is looking for is an opportunity for external stakeholders to promote the content. That’s where social content syndication in Australia comes in handy!

Spread the Word

Avoiding the desperation of pushing customers to promote your own content, social content syndication allows users to find your content and promote it themselves organically. This posting behaviour is a growing digital marketing strategy in Australia and around the world.

Social content syndication means that you can have your content published across hundreds of external websites, spreading the word about your business, its services and the knowledge it offers. Ideally, content syndication is always attributed to your brand and is spread as far as possible for maximum reach and impact.

How to Get Content Out There?

Without a doubt, the most effective way to disseminate and distribute your content across the internet is content discovery networks. These paid services essentially hold a copy of your article and share the link in a naturalistic and seamless way on existing content pages.

If you’ve ever browsed web pages that offer “recommended articles from the web”, typically at the bottom of the natural content, you’ve encountered a content discovery network. These are always appropriately linked to the content of the article and encourage readers to further engage with your article.

How Do They Work?

Think of content discovery networks like Google AdWords. In any given situation, you’ll typically have a motivated and engaged user who is looking for premium content. When they have finished reading an article they came to organically, users will see a list of similar options (both from the original website and from across the web). If your article has an engaging headline, quality copy and offers something of value, the user is likely to read and share the article.

Some of the market leaders when it comes to content discovery networks are Outbrain, Taboola and Zergnet, though there is a range of services that can significantly vary in pricing and reach. Furthermore, these services all offer a range of management platforms aimed at giving you the best possible shot at sharing your content.

Social Content Syndication is a Great Value-For-Money Investment

You should be looking to do three things with your content: thought-leadership, reputation development and lead generation. If you write content only for it to disappear in the depths of your website blog, the content is unlikely to do any of these things.

Social content syndication in Australia can allow you to spread your content effectively and appropriately, always with your authorship explicitly stated, showing potential customers your skill and knowledge as well as the value of your business. Regardless of the method in which you share your content, talk to Newpath web today about how we can make your content work for you. Contact us on (03) 8605 4896 to talk today!

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